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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by DavidCameroon, Nov 15, 2012.

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  1. Ok, a young lady I know has some questions she would love answered about Afghanistan and the Middle East in general, here we go;

    1. If some soldiers don't want war, why do they go off to war in the first place?

    2. Have any British soldiers spoken to the Afghan/Iraq women and what do you think of them

    3. What do you think of Afghanistan as a country?

    4. Do you think as a world we are learning from our mistakes from history (WW1, WW2) by going off to war?

    5. Have you ever spoken to a person from the taliban? if so what did they say

    6. Do you think soldiers are fighting for their country or the rich government

    7. Have you ever fallen in love with a citizen in the middle east

    8. what do the women think about the war?

    9. have you got abuse from the people there?
  2. Smells like...

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  3. hotel_california

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  4. How do you rate the Afghan National Army, would they survive a NATO exit?
  5. Sorry for all those questions. I'm just a very curious girl.

    If you could answer any of them, that would be amazing :)
  6. Oh and Im not part of the press or have any interest in them.

    Im just trying to make sense of this world hmm
  7. 1. Beer, well beer and sausages.
    2. I spoke to one once, it was like talking to someone through a letter box.
    3. Its not somewhere I would go on holiday.
    4. Of course we are learning from previous wars, we have better guns, more beer and bigger sausages.
    5. One of my friends spoke to a taliban once, he said "Durka durka, imshallah, I kill you all." The talibans reply is not recorded.
    6. See reply to q1
    7. I fell in love with a citizen in the Prospect centre Argos once, it had a leather strap, however that day I was shopping for beer and sausages.
    8. The question is incorrectly phrased. It should be "What does the women think about the war?" The answer of course is whatever I tell her too.
    9. They tend to shoot at soldiers from time to time, thats a form of abuse. Also they don't drink beer or eat sausages.

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  8. You sound like someone who has been only just released from captivity after 10 years

  9. Are you the same girl that was skateboarding round Bristol on Sunday?
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  10. yes i am :boogie:

    but serious talk though, has any British soldier here fallen in love with an Afghan/Iraqi woman?
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