Questions about 9 and 51 Para Squadrons. Support Tp's

Heyup again everyone,

I've been doing alot of research lately in regards to the RE and what role I want to work in. I've asked some questions before, and I'd like to expand on those questions. I've had a look through old threads and can't seem to find the answers to what I'm after.

As I've said before, I'm not positive if I would want to try for the Para or Cdo Regiments within the RE, however I am very interested, and definately would like to keep the option open.

One of the Roles i'm looking at is POM. From the "All you need to know about the RE" thread, I gather that Squadrons are divided into field troops, and support troops that operate the plant etc. Is this correct? Also, Plant_Life told me that Cdo and Para units are pretty similar in terms of Plant etc in the Units.

So, at last, my question is this... With the Para squadrons, how do the support troops work? I assume plants not pushed out the back of a Herc so do they 'turn into' an extra field troop on Parachute exercises etc? Or do they stick to the Plant and not get their wings?

Thanks for any replies that can shed a bit of light, I appreciate it.
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