Questions about 23 Parachute Engineer Regt & 24 Commando Regt

Hi all,

Been frequenting the site recently as I'm planning to apply as a Fitter (General) in RE. I'm interested in the cdo and para regiments and was wondering what the process would be to get into either? Would I need to say I'm interested in Phase 1 or 2? Once they know my preference am I guaranteed to be posted there? If I'm posted to any of the squadrons in either regiment, and do a beat up course etc. and complete P company/AACC, would I stay in the particular squadron for the rest of my career? Or could I potentially be posted out to another unit after a while?

Thanks for any answers
I am very keen on going down a similar route so have been mining forums, websites and asking around for similar info in the past.

From the "All you need to know..." sticky:
You will submit a Posting Preference towards the end of training and every few years after that. Do not, under any circumstances, believe that what you put down will be reflected in where you are actually sent.
The army website suggests there is always a requirement for people to apply for cdo and para engineer roles.

23 Para Engineer Regt page says: "There is ... always a need for volunteers to attempt ‘P’ Company and go on to become an Airborne Sappers."

How up to date that bit of 23 Engineers page is though is a different matter but for what its worth I have heard similar things about cdo and para when asking around. Leaves me optimistic about the prospects of getting my preference provided I really graft through training.

As for length of posting I remember reading somewhere when I was trawling the forums that for cdo/para/eod the postings are typically 3 years with other postings being 5 years. Whether there is an option to extend or you are moved on I couldn't tell you.

Disclaimer: I am still a civvie and not even able to call myself a sprog yet (I start basic in October for gen fitter) and all of the above is just what I have been led to believe from forum chat and "lads who now a lad" tales. I'm sure if any of it is wrong someone will be turbo keen to point out the error of my ways.
Exactly - get through Basic and phase two and then ask for 23/24 and make sure you are the standout on your B3.

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