Questioning DNA evidence

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by CDT_Dodger, Nov 27, 2007.

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  1. With all latest news on Mr Barry George and the speck of powder which convicted him - it got me thinking that in some areas DNA is not that watertight.

    My example being:

    If a person was to obtain my comb/hairbrush and toothbrush by whatever means. And with the hairbrush - brush it around the inside of a balacalva. With the toothbrush - brush it around the top of a pen. Then place the balacava and pen at or near the scene of a crime with the expectation that they would be discovered by the Police. Does this not place me in a difficult position if I havnt got a rock solid alibi?

    Im no expert in this but it would be a lot easier to place an item that can hold DNA at a crimescene than it would be for anyone to place a fingerprint.

    Can any budding SIB Sherlock Holmes type bods care to query this.
  2. But surely all other evidence at the crime scene wouldnt fit, because it wouldnt have any of your DNA on it.

    Depending on the crime, then you would expect to find evidence all over the place - not just one item placed at the scene.

    I imagine it takes alot more than one piece of DNA to convict you. Barry George wasnt convicted on one bit of DNA alone. They are just using is as leverage to get his conviction overturned.
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  4. Biped

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  5. So, if - purely theoretically, of course - a sample of semen from oohh, let's call him Mr Smith, were to find its way into, for the sake of argument, the bottom of a certain Miss M, would the Portuguese... I mean any..., any police be able to conclusively tie him to the abduction and murd... erm disappearance, that is?

    I'm asking on behalf of my mate Steve, you see.
  6. msr

    msr LE

    DNA had nothing to do with Mr Barry George's conviction.

  7. Dna forensic evidence can only be used to tie other pieces of evidence together. a person cannot be convicted solely on forensic evidence alone. so if the semen was found it would then lead them to Mr smith and other pieces of evidence can then be collected such as your clothing and alibi's and then the whole picture can be built and then the original forensic evidence will just confirm all other evidence!
  8. Thank you for your support, Mrs Biped.
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  10. Well suppose they are the only peices of evidence left at the scene? A crime scene does not follow a set pattern does it? All pieces of the jigsaw may not be present.

    OK - another scenario. Lets say I was part of a criminal firm and I wanted to drop someone in the cack (could be mate - who knows). I obtain the said items above and do the bit with the balaclava and pen. Then myself and firm go and perform a tiger kidnap (or similar caper) by holding a post office manager overnight at their home until the timelock kicks in at his/her shop. I could then leave balaclava and pen at location where I am holding shop manager or leave them in any vehicle I intended to use. Police would then find items and someone could be stitched up - if they dont have a solid alibi.
  11. But the amount of time you spend there you too will leave evidence and incriminate yourself unless you do all of this in full CBRN gear! you might be ok then!
  12. But unless the cops have reason to think you are involved ie someone grasses you up then you can shed DNA all over the place with no problems.
    Your planted evidence plus name leaked to the cops will get your man arrested.

    Now is your "mate" now gives your name up then you might have a problem, the cops will probably pick you up for littering or somesuch and then take your DNA and you is then ficked.

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  14. msr

    msr LE


  15. OK - maybe I should re-title this post to:

    How easy is it to stitch somebody up using DNA.

    And good old Rexy baby could probably get anyone off a crime even if their DNA was found at scene.