Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Shaithis, Sep 22, 2008.

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  1. I have a quick question, unfortunately i did not pick up on the last board. Even though i feel as though i have done more than enough to warrant a promotion (and so do my seniors, who are finding out why i was not picked up). Just a case of wait out for me on that one.

    But (always a but), my det commander is having to go to the camp regt 2i/c to see if i can get the rank of acting as i am doing the job already. But, they have to sell me to him as he thinks i am NOT the right man for the job as my lessons (i teach the regiment (in my own time) certain MATT lessons) are not up to scratch.

    My question is, why should my lesson technique have any bearing on the armed guarding job i do within the MPGS ?. Others here have picked up without taking a single lesson, and one guy even got selected who has not even done his DITS course yet.

    I feel that because i am still adapting to the teaching process and making my lessons mine, that i am being penalised. Anyone got any information on what i can do if i am not happy with having to SELL MYSELF?

    Sorry i am posting anon on this but i don't want to get involved in office politics over a matter like this. Just need information on what to do.
  2. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    What you mean your not happy with selling yourself yourself? Damn right you need to sell yourself. In service or out, you show off your competencies and you do so to prove yourself against your peers against all of your capabilities. Not happy with that? Be prepared to stay at the rank you are.

    Your peers obviously have proven their capability in other ways. You have fucked up and have shown yourself up in front of someone who matters.

    Easy answer. FFS play the game and get better at teaching........
  3. Sure, sell yourself, and better if someone else sells you too.
    Perhaps I can help out with the teaching as I am a teacher, if so PM me
  4. I do understand the bit about selling myself ok. But, what i wanted to know is..why should it have any bearing on the job i do, what i am supposed to get graded for in my CR. By the way, i am MPGS, and not a teacher. I am an Armed Guard first and foremost. I am 100% competent at my guarding job. Teaching the regt is something i do im MY OWN time. So, what i was asking is why should i have to sell myself for that alone.

    And as for ******* up in front of someone that matters. That is one thing i have not done. That is why i am doing the job of the section commander, without the extra tape (but still all of the responsibility that goes with it).

    I will get better at teaching, when i become a teacher. And, as that is not the role i am employed to do, that can wait while i get on with me job.

    I can handle myself more than enough as i am the only one in my det who does the teaching, so why should i have to be better than them when i already do more than them.

    And, thank you Dwarf, I am tweaking my lessons all the time, but as soon as i get stuck, i will PM you. Thank you again for the offer of help.
  5. If you merely perform well in the role you do, you will alas always stay in that role.

    Surely you will understand (I gather you've served a quantity of time in the regs?) that just being good at your job is no guarantee of promotion.

    To get promoted, you need to demonstrate that you are capable of not just doing your job well but demonstrating that you are head and shoulders above your peers and capable of doing the job of one or two ranks higher. Selection for promotion isn't about how well you can do your job but how good an NCO you are....which quite often may be outside your day to day job spec. Teaching MATTS IMHO does not necessarily demonstrate you abilities as an NCO (no idea what rank you are) or automatically give you the tick for the next rank.

    From what I can gather from your posts, you teach unit MATTS and whoever is in your reporting chain has decided that your teaching technique isn't up to scratch. That on its own should not preclude you from promotion but maybe he is seeing that as indicative of you not being ready.

    Just doing more than your peers is not always enough. It’s about what you do and how you do it and not how much you do.

  6. I have seen this post on another forum at Armynet, has anyone actually looked at your write ups by the RO,s. These mean more than a tick in a box.

    I say this as i am in the same lot as you and we have some proper numpties running the platoons, not mine we have an excellent Platoon Commander but the training WO for fecks sake got promoted before he even did a DITs or a TTT and i know this for a fact. Sorry it had to come out as a lot of blood is boiling out there.

    Also i do not believe at certain levels in our lot (MCM Div) in particular are honest people (see above) and that on numerous occasions we have all been told not to phone MCM Div but as we all know there are still those out there that phone direct for their own benefit and their commanders dont even stop them.

    Rant over
  7. I know what you mean about the Glasgow thing. We are told not to contact them at all, and even when the Det comd rings them, they fob him off too.

    Since the promotions board came out we are a Cpl down, and no word if one is posted in or not. I can't believe M&R don't know by now if somebody is coming here.

    Ah well, will just have to make myself so damn employable that the 2ic will have no option. (heh) :roll:
  8. Just tell them if yor teaching is not up to scratch, then you best not teach.
  9. The thing is though on the the Armynet thread a certain person i was talking (ranting) about has released a list of promotions at new and active sites, what i dont get is why do we have to wait to fill these vacancies when enough people came off the board or at the least drop the standard as in previous years to fill the gaps.

    Its sucks of an old boys network and if your face fits in Glasgow will reward you for phoning them.
  10. Yeah you do them a favour but they aint willing to help you, let them find another MATTs instructor.

    As i sympathize with you Shaitis i have found out that i came off my appropriate board and some of the slots being offered up for grabs aint f*"kin being offered to me and trust me i know as my boss found out where i came of on my board.

    Do not feel alone my friend i know loads in our position and come the revolution we will overcome.
  11. Just a quick question regarding the MPGS. Just exactly what are 'other forms of comparable service' regarding the six year gap?
  12. I'm moving this to RHQ as the apporpriate forum.