Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by shaunhack08, Jul 8, 2008.

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  1. hiya

    i was just wondering what training shall i do during this next year

    im going to try and join after i complete my a levels, which is a year from now, but in the mean time i want to really improve my fitness so come basic training im in good enough shape.

    can anyone suggest some good tips for a guy in my situation

    thanks in advance

  2. thanks for the somewhat expansive answer pal
    lol oj

    yeah i started doing a 3 mile run with my uncle every other day more or less so im alright in that respect

    anything else you can think of ?
  3. Circuit training
  4. yeah i need to start doing that but its finding somewhere to do it to be honest mate

    are you in the army youreslf or thinking of joining ?
  5. I'm halfway there myself.
    I thought about joining, and I'm now just over a month from being 'in the Army'.
    What you thinking of joining?

    You can smash out a circuit anywhere chap, I do mine in my bedroom. If you haven't got weights just use your body. (eg. press-ups, tricep-dips, quick wanks, endurance wanks)

    Be creative.
  6. hahahah cracking yeah sorry pal i was thinking of the other thing inteval training

    yeah im doing press ups sit ups cruches weights etc

    i have no clue what corps to choose lets alone role i really need to think about that

    going chatting with an army careers officer lady she was nice last week and inviting me back

    i think im in there lol

    what role are going for then