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Hi there everyone. I want to join the army but need some help. we dnot have an army office around here so I need some help. Dad says that I should try tanks but bruv said that the infentry would be better for me. I am not sure what to do. I like playing football and the careers teacher says that the army would see that as a good thing because it shows that I am fit. I hope to get 6 GCSe this year. Will this be good enough.

does it mke any difference wether I go into tanks about how fit I am? Dad said I would be trained up to be fit. Is this right?

Thanx and respect.
Don't you fecking lot start! So far today I've been signed up to 3 amateur poetry sites, a cat fanciers forum, half a dozen assorted gay/bi-curious fiction clubs, a Polish wife finder network, an application been made to be a foster parent for Hackney Council (with the proviso that I only take in children who won't tell!) and my name used to make an employment application with MI6.

Shower of cnuts!
Get to Fukc, Jarrod.

A joke's a joke but this neither funny, big or clever. A lot of this sh1t is being sent to my work e-mail address that is strictly monitored.

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