I've read oodles of threads and I tend to get the impression that the medical is, within reason, pot luck if you don't have a spotless medical history.

However... there are obviously things that will bar you from service no matter what so I want to ask a specific question;

About 12 months ago I had a very brief spell of palpitations, after recently weaing one of those clip on heart monitors for 72 hours (and up until then from when I reported the symptoms in the first place) it shows a perfectly healthy heartbeat/blood pressue. Had a chat with the GP and we agree it was probably due to the ammount of caffeine I was drinking at the time - so baring in mind it was caffeine and I haven't had any symptoms in about a year, will it affect my medical?

I don't 'think' this question has been asked/answered before but my apologies if I'm repeating anything I've missed.

Any info would be greatly appreciated

Only one way to find out, isnt there?

Don't think this is deliberately unhelpful and obstructive but, FFS, the reason why we have doctors is because they are experts in these matters. Go and have the medical. If you pass, you pass, if you don't, then you'll know.

Good luck.


Thanks, and I intend to. I've got my BARB next week, just trying to think ahead really. Easier to plan things when you know if you've got a cat in hells chance of passing the medical or not though