Discussion in 'Sappers' started by Snow, Jan 31, 2007.

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  1. do you get a driving licence as a plumber in the re its just I just failed my test and don't know weather it's worth putting in for a cancalation before basic?
  2. AFAIK you do not need a licence to be a plumber. If you have the dosh, put in for the cancellation. Driving courses can be hard to come by or just fall in your lap for a job/tour, best bet is to do it now while all the training is fresh!


  3. You don't need it as a plumber but it is well work doing off your own back. At Gib you will be duty wheels rather than stagging on. Also it's better driving a 432 or Spartan rather than being stuck in the back when it's 50 degrees and you are wearing bodyarmour.
  4. Im a civvy Plumber ,then joined up and became a A2 chippy ,didnt get my driving licence cos it was not needed for my trade ,so get it before you go in , or get stuck in the rut of just moaning every weekend how sh!t the place is and going on the lash ,like I did and spending all your cash so you are all ways skint