Discussion in 'Infantry' started by tommo5456, Jan 14, 2006.

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  1. thanks for the help guy's
  2. Have a look at:

    They went to Ballykelly just before Christmas, so, presumably they'll be there for a couple of years at least. That is, unless they get amalgamated again in next years round of cuts!
  3. There in Ballykelly for the next 2 years tho why you want to go to them is beyond thinking!!
  4. excess by name excess by nature. Care to share with us your obviously well-informed views, or should you not just desist from posting unless you have something to contribute?
  5. Dogmonkey - Well said!

    Excess bollox - Heed well the advice given.

    Tommo - PM me if you wish: The CO was my Best Man!