If this has been done to death then sorry but couldnt find it anywhere :)
Ex Black Watch and TA Para, I am 28, just recently done the SSO Ships Security Officer course and in a few months am completeing both the Remote Team Medic Basic and Intermediate which I think give me IHCD FPOS Intermediate Certification.
Worked in Afghanistan for the best part of a year with a small security firm, didnt complete any CP type course as the firm just interviewed in the UK, ran a couple of range days and that was that (it was 2007) but spent a lot of time on the ground and have toured Afghan amongst other places whilst serving.
I'm not daft and know that employment in the Maritime Security sector isnt guaranteed but is anyone in or around this area as I am looking to try and gain employment as soon as I am sorted but am unsure of the right channels.
Any comments?
Bin the basic, if you've a medium of first aid knowledge you wont need it, save yourself the readies. If you havent been a naughty boy when serving and your certain you can stand up to some severe vetting and pre-selection try PVI PVI | Protection Vessels International Ltd it's a bootneck heavy firm but has others on their books, some quality blokes out there at the minute earning a decent wedge on a good turnaround.
Thats great thanks. Doesnt say anything about employing anyone but ex marines though. Are you current or in the industry? If so whats the deal on tax?

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