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I have recently taken my BARB test and have had my interview delayed due to my Recruitment Officer taking compassionate leave.

I have been told that I should be eligible for the January intake at AFC Harrogate however this was before the unfortunate delay. What's usually the latest a person can attend ADSC before the years intake? I'm worried that I wont meet the deadline in which case i would no longer be eligible to attend Harrogate as i would be too old when September comes around.

Best bet mate is to contact the AFCO themselves. My expereince has made me learn that asking your AFCO questions straight up means you'll get straight answers back. Although what people might tell you on here is probly accurate your still best asking the dude behind the desk.

all the best, MT.
Yeah like Manc66 say's, your best bet is to go into your ACIO and speak to them about it, that way your get a straight answer. If your recruiter is going to be off for sometime I'm sure they will be able to fit you in with another recruiter or something.
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