I am a member of the RNR. Recently I discovered the the allocated man training days has been cut to the absolute minimum to achieve the normal bounty reqiurements. It is likely that it will be impossable to qualify/requalify in the timescales demanded.

Is it just us - or do all the Reserve forces have this problem?
Yes but MTDs are allocated to a unit, so if a unit with a 'book' strength of 500 get allocated 25 MTDs per soldier they end up with 12500 days to use. Say the effective strength is about 250 then 12500/250 = 50 MTDs per effective soldier
The reason I ask is.....

Last July it was proposed to save money by closing two of the thirteen RNR units, this was prevented by "buying back" the cuts. The money had to be saved however, so the allocation of training days will be cut, possibly to just 24 days per person, which for the majority of us we be the minimum needed to achieve the bounty.

The bounty requirement is 24 days, of which at least 12 must be oprational role training, including either a ten day continuous period or two five day ones. To not exceed the limits some management may be needed.

In my particular branch or sub specialisation or whatever the latest term is, we're going to have real problems qua;ifying in the timescales demanded, remaining in date for things such as weapon handling, NBCD etc, and the net result is that there will be fewer qualified people - at a time when our branch is still being used for TELIC, and in the event of any major operation with a maritime element will be very heavily used.

And activities like adventurous training and recruitment will be hit.
Yokel said:
Last July it was proposed to save money by closing two of the thirteen RNR units, this was prevented by "buying back" the cuts.
Has the RNR had any cuts recently, was it decimated at the same time as TA was during SDR?
There have been reductions in manpower in the last few years, but no major cuts since Options for Change which saw over half the manpower of the RNR cut and nearly two thirds of the units shut.

A lot of this related to the fact most of the things the RNR did were Cold War roles - including manning a squadron of minesweepers. They would only be needed in a crisis as there role was related the threat of deep water mines preventing submarines exiting bases on the Clyde. Also lost was something called port defence/seaward defence or something like that who trained to protect UK ports etc from sabotage and terrorist attack.

Our numbers are being cut, the front line strength of the fleet was cut by a fifth last July, and the Navy's training budget is being cut. All these things effect us.

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