Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by NINJA:P, Jun 10, 2010.

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  1. Ok so am new here sorry if this question has been answered else were on the site. I did use the search bar but didn't work very well.

    Ok so i applied for the navy (yes comments most welcome lol) but i decided i would rather join the RMP or CMT in the army.
    Anyways i was wondering if i applied for the army if because i apllied to the navy there would be any delays during the process? (I haven't done my medical but i have handed in the application fform and medical questionire) any help would be most appriciated thanks...

    PS// i know my English isnt the best so please dont be to harsh on it ha
  2. ok dont take this the wrong way mate but i think you really need to get yourself together. if you dont want to join the navy go down to your afco now and cancel your ap before you waste any more of their time and then aply for the army with those job roles in mind, however i dont think your recruiter is going to be to pleased....
  3. I know I should of put more thought into it at the time... And I feel really bad as I have not only wasted there time but money ect aswell. Just when I applied I thought I had finally made my mind up.

    Thanks for the info straight away but
  4. Are you from Galsgow?
  5. no am not why? Does that make a difference or something?
  6. no worries buddy, just take any sarcy comments your recruiter gives you on the chin & get your heart set on the jobs