People, I am hoping you can help me My SO1(domestic) the delightful Mrs Techx3 is writing an environmental impact assessment and needs to know the fuel consumption rates loaded and unloaded for a Lynx.

I have had a poke about on the net but can't find the information, so I am posing the question to you in the hope that it is information that you have to hand or can tell me where I can find out, I would be most thankful!

Thank you in advance, and please help, she is making my life a misery about this at the moment.
PM lord Flasheart............. Although an ugly fella with a very dodgy ginger tache he is a clued up lynx bluffer/guru
Obviously there are numerous variables as far as fuel consumption is concerned, speed, weight, density alt ,......

As a ball park figure, I think it's around 300kg/hr. @0.8sg = 375 lts/hr
Until you get an answer from someone with the graphs in front of them that shouldn't be far off the mark loaded or unloaded.

I think a lot depends on the size of the crew piloting the aircraft, and in my experience most of them are, dare I say it, bloaters.
SS is quite correct, my memory of the graphs is sketchy but as I recall, the best you could hope for was about 4.6kg per min increasing to 5.2kg per min. The difference was so small that the universal planning figure was, as SS says 300kg per hour or 5kg per min.

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