Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by BossHogg, Feb 25, 2009.

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  1. A lass I work with is seeing a soldier. He was supposed to be on a voluntary attended course, full details I'm not aware off. He missed the last 3 days of the course and is now saying he's on courts martial for missing this course. I've been out 16 years so i'm not up to speed with current protocols regarding military discipline. I'd have thought it would be dealt with internally by his unit. My question is, would he end up at courts martial for this offence or is he a billy bull$hitting courts martial walt? Maybe my RMP brethren who are currently serving will be able to answer this.
  2. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator


    COs most likely, as long as your facts are correct
  3. It might depend upon what course.

    I missed the train from Kings X to stanstead once 'cos the northern line tube was cancelled. Jeasus was that a brown trouser moment. So I work out how to fly from London to Hanover, caught a plane, took the train and bus to my unit and beat the official route by over an hour. I was very impressed with myself.

    2 weeks later, I am back in the SSM's intray and being charged for f*cking up. This wouldn't happen if I was the second man on the balcony, I thought. Still, fizzed I was.. Apparently, I should have known that this could happen, used my initiative and dealt with it etc. "I did", I said. "Do you accept my reward?" came the answer.

    Sounds like Bullsh*t to me unless he is a complete arse who is always in trouble. In which case, she would be better off without - it's probably all stories.
  4. I've been out 12 years but unless he replied "No, I do not accept the charges" to the CO he could possibly be up for a court martial of couse that would require a frontal lobotamy. Pissing off everyone in his chain of command from the CO down is not a intellagent thing to do especialy if they have you bang to rights.
    Probably a walt whats the birds IQ like?
  5. She's an ex copper, and a potential manager so she's got a bit of nouse about her. She's asked for my advice as she knows I'm an ex monkey.
  6. I've got a pal who is a bird. She trapped off with a 'soldier' who was based in Aldershot, or so he said...

    She never saw an ID card, he always called her, didn't say what he was in and as for what he did - "National Importance, love" came the reply. So he takes her out one night and then end up in a swinging club. My pal - fit as she is - declines the offer but he's off shagging all sorts. They actually went in fancy dress so she's dressed up as a copper!

    Given half a chance, i'd nail her but ...

  7. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    Highly unlikely.

    Sending someone to CM involves vast amounts of work by the unit, then Legal Advice from formation HQ, after which the case is sent up the Chain for approval. Anything like this would be sent straight back down again by the 1 star "Superior Authority" to be dealt with summarily.
  8. A soldier charged with an offence can opt to be tried by CM in any case. This is relatively new (2000?) and is part of human rights compliance.
  9. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    Indeed they can. Not sure that many people would opt for CM for missing a couple of days of a course though.

    I got the impression from the opening post that the CM was not voluntary!
  10. Speaking to the lass again, this character she's going out with seems to be a right one! I've warned her to be careful as this individual sounds like he can't be trusted, the old monkey senses were tingling!! :wink:
  11. I'm not a bizzie, contrary to popular belief, but surely missing a few days of a course would class as AWOL, or "Failure to Attend a Parade" (depending on who was charging him and how many days he missed).

    I reckon he's full of shite. Is his name Billy?
  12. Sluggy, I've already informed her that technically he was AWOL but I didn't think it would result in courts martial as it would be dealt with by the unit in the first instance.
  13. Given todays milk-sop discipline, he is more likely to get AGAI'd than on OC's Memorandum.

    Courts Martial my arse - whats his name Carrington VC!