Question WRT the law and employment after 65 - advice needed URGENTLY

A male relative of mine is being basically forced to retire next week, as the company he works was taken over by another company - and the new company has a policy of not employing overs 65s. However, recently a MOD employed civvy spoke to him and claimed thay "they can't do that", explaining that he knew someone who had been in that situation but argued and won.

So what exactly is the legal situation?

Also, I believe that Citizens Advice do not give advice over the phone, but does anyone? Any ideas on where to get advice in a hurry?
I am not sure but, I thought this law changed in either Jan 11 or Apr 11 because the Marquise of Bath or someone landowner lord, was in the papers recently for sacking all his staff over 65 last month to avoid having to keep them on and I think it is from January 11. Doesn't help your cause but......
Apologies if this is too late, but I strongly recommend you look at the business link website. This is the official government online portal for business matters. The website can be found here: Business support, information and advice | Business Link.

I have found the page that identifies retirement at 65, which can be found HERE

I recommend you read it thoroughly and seek advice from your local regional business link advisor (free) if you have any further questions.

The jist of it states that employees are entitled to apply to continue working post 65 and employers are have a duty to consider each particular case.

The company in question should have clear guidance for such matters laid out in company policy and procedures. This can be found with the HR department. If it does not then the employee is entitled to make a written complaint and escalate further if needed.

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