question to all fusiliers


i have my selection end of march
and just wannted to know what people thought of the fusiliers regiment that are in it i have done alot of reserach about the reg and found it interesting
can u get a transfer easily in and out of the reg as i have 3 years of electrical installation Q behind me
i have been speaking to a few family members who have been in the rlc one still in as a warrant officer and he has said they will not give me a transfer if i want it and i should look at the rlc
but my selection is so close now so dont know what to so
and i have heared good things about the fusiliers reg and am still interested in joining them just want to know if current/former people in the reg enjoyed it
and would job opportunities they had when they left??
I loved it. Been out 10 years now so can't comment on the current status, but I'm still in contact with about 40-50 of my old mates... That should say something.

Ref transferring, again my knowledge is not current, but you may struggle. That is not to say that it can't be done but the wheels take quite some time to turn. I would suggest that you give some proper thought to where you would like to serve as there is obviously a vast difference between being a sparky and a steely eyed heart breaker :wink:

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