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Question Time

What the fcuk is that on the panel tonight??!! Some bloke dressed up as a doll??!! What the hell is going on?!

Outraged of Portsmouth


Book Reviewer
Grayson Perry. Won the Turner prize in 2003.

Quite why his views on current affairs are thought pertinent and interesting is somewhat beyond me though.
Giving cnuts like this airtime grips my fcuking shit. My TV licence ispaying for that non event to spew his shit .....

Rather peeved from Milton Keynes
any takers?

I just might after 2 or 3 bottles of vodka or tequila

He/she has just been saying that he/she wants pay more tax so perhaps the idea of being arse raped isn't too repellent to him/her
ISTR reading somewhere that his original career plan was to be an army officer, but he had doubts as to whether he'd be any good, and while wavering about attending RCB was persuaded to go to art college instead...
Is that the girlie that won the Booker prize or Turner turn out for outrageous f/wits a few years ago.

And I saw an advert today on a lunch menu board outside a pub - Spam fritter, beans and mash.

Life on Mars please.

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