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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Technocratic_Turbine, Jul 5, 2007.

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  1. Did anyone catch tonight's QT programme? Any views on it?

    They had a bunch of students from high schools and colleges. Sixth formers I believe.

    Sad to see again that a fickle audience has filled the auditorium of another QT showing. People like Davina McCall commenting on Middle Eastern politics yet wasn't really familiar with the Hamas charter. Of course she got the claps because she presents Big Blubber. That Charlie Bell whilst making a good point regarding the disparity between enlisting and voting age. Didn't exactly impress with his astute comments regarding Gaza being occupied (should that have been blockaded?) and Iraq.

    Also this continual peddling crap the war was for oil.
  2. I thought the war was for oil.
  3. what was the war for Technocratic?
  4. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    I have to say that in terms of QT I thought is went quite well.

    More importantly it was good to see youngsters engaging in Politics!
  5. Iraq was probably an experiment to see if spreading 'democracy' would stabilise the area in order to suit US interests (further trade with current Arab partners) and of course to finish off what Bush senior falsely said he would. An illadvised whim.

    I really can't see how oil was the sole reason for going. The minimal return and massess of expenditure and investment that has gone into Iraq doesn't justify this for me. If they wanted oil so badly they would've struck a deal with Saddam.

    Can you make a convincing case for the 'war for oil'?

    I was very impressed with Douglas Murray. He had the cogency, intelligence and conviction that is lacking amongst many QT panelists. The shadow 'cohesion community' minisier or whatever her role was nothing more than a green fingered tory firing blanks.

    It's good that youngsters are willing to engage in political debate. Let's hope they educate themselves about various political issues without relying on the occasional blurb in the media.
  6. Yes . America would be a third world nation without it.
  7. Well in some regards it already is. As evidenced by Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans. Although is it dependent on Iraqi oil?
  8. QUOTE I was very impressed with Douglas Murray. He had the cogency, intelligence and conviction that is lacking amongst many QT panelists. The shadow 'cohesion community' minisier or whatever her role was nothing more than a green fingered tory firing blanks. QUOTE

    Agreed Davina was a crowd pleaser with some very odd facial expressions. Douglas Murray made a lot of sense but his way of getting it across alienated himself from the audience. The student chap was articulate buit in some ways naive especially with his interpretation of the "occupation of Gaza".

    At least it is young people engaging in politic and not wallowing in lethargy
  9. Davina McCall was there as she had been "voted on" by those who had applied to go in the audience (this programme has been six months or so in the making).

    Douglas Hoojamaflip was excellent. Even when he made points I disagreed with I couldn't help but admire his absolute refusal to dress it up in nanny terms. He called Hamas terrorists, Jew Murderers, Islamists and fundementalists - virtually all in the same sentence.

    He was then upbraided by the Conservative Politico for using inflammatory language - not the language of negotiation. But then - its not his job to negotiate is it? Is it now a crime to call a spade a spade?

    He also got in to trouble with Davina because he said something along the lines of "If you are thick you shouldn't go to University. So the Gubmints policy of 50% of the population to take a degree is ridiculous". The look of shock on her face when 75% of the Audience there agreed with Douglas was a picture!
  10. Watched 5 minutes of it before I turned it off - largely because of Davina McCall. I did snigger when Sayeeda Warsi promoted herself to a minister though! :D
  11. Watched the latter half - not very edifying overall.

    Votes for 16 yo's - all the whooping and screeching rather than listening to different views before deciding exemplifies exactly why most are not mature enough.

    Couldn't believe that the lass who turned out to be Tory cohesion spokesman was the one touted as one of Cameron's best appointments. She was preety poor - indifferent at best.

    Davina McCall - WTF was she doing on such a program ?. Arrogant, ignorant, and petulant. Described as a broadcaster.

    Ed Milliband - so desparate for the yoof vote he had to appear ?.

    Malcolm thingy - forthright and pretty accurate.

    As for Charlie Bell? (the yoof panellist) - I look frward to seeing him in parliament after doing his degree and a few years on the streets. He was quick on his feet, and pretty succinct.

    Interesting that among the rent-a-crowd there were a few in the audience prepared to be honest on various questions, and going against the herd. Like a mad budgie I acquired for mère Whiffler a while back, such individuals have much more character. I look forward to the young black lass near the end flying into a bowl of soup.
  12. Out of all the panellists even the 18 yr old McCall looked most out of her depth.
  13. I usually can't stand these programmes with the audience clapping like trained seals baying for herrings whenever someone says something sufficiently idiotic, but last night there was a surprising amount of common sense re numbers going to university and the lack of alternatives for the non-academic people. The only regrettable absence was Peter Hitchens, who tends to tear the pinkos a new one. Oh, and Ken Dodd.
  14. And me!!!