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A bit pissed at the moment! Just watched question time on BBC1, towards the end of the show the panel were discussing a pull out staratgy for Iraq, the leader of the CBI commented on what a good job the British forces were doing out there considering the incredible strain they are under, and how proud he was of them.

Here is the bit that has got my arrse up, a sudent type with a ring through his face says "Speak to the parents of the soldiers who have died in an illegal war and see how proud they are". Now I may of misinturpreted his statement due to my inebriated state but I know my parents would be proud of me whether it was an illegal war or not if I had been killed.

I would just like to say to any who watched the program living around the Ipswich area that recognises this Tw$t can you please kick him in the C*nt from me.

I am now going to bed after getting that ofmy chest AND GOODNIGHT.
maybe he just worded it badly and meant that the families would surely rather have their kids alive, rather than killed in iraq? don't know, didn't see it. but seems an odd thing to say otherwise.
Well said.

On that note I'll tell you who really itches my balls is than Shani Chakrabati - Director of Liberty. A more pompous, patronising self-serving tw@t i have not seen! SHE is what makes our country politically-correct to the point of self-destruction. Defending that Muslim extremist who wanted to be an exception to the rules, AFTER the House of Lords deemed the school to be in the right.

Phew, got that off my chest.

(Bit pished myself)

P.S I hate that b*tch


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She's a lawyer! You don't need to say more than that.
Ah, Shami Chakrabati. The sort of self-righteous,opinionated woman that makes you think rescinding womens' suffrage wouldn't be such a bad idea after all. I also am a member of her non-fan club; it seems to me that she has a talent for presenting her viewpoint in the most patronising, offensive manner possible, and even when I agree with her, the way she puts her view point across has me grinding my teeth in no time.

Another thing I've noticed, she's always treated as a "friendly witness" by the media; often brought in to help an interviewer attack another guest, rather than to have her own position questioned. When she's interviewed on her own she's never cross-examined in a Paxman-esque style; instead she's treated as if her little pressure group has an absolute, god given right to pontificate on any and all matters in the public domain without any interrogation as to her knowledge of or personal bias to the situation.

Got that off me chest. That's better.
That prick Tony Benn was also on her side.He was saying how ludicrious it was that a judge who wears a wig cannot possibly be allowed to rule on someone else's headwear.

Oooooooooooooooooooooooooh you guys have just pressed my buttons with that one!

To Shami Chakrabarti and all the other representatives of Liberty: one question for you - are you elected by me to represent me? No? Then fuck off - don't presume to speak for me! :evil:
Some of these people need to be reminded how their "liberty" is preserved. It certainly wasn't with the aid of a law book!
Did anyone notice this interesting development?

Harman 'withdrawn' from TV panel

Constitutional Affairs minister Harriet Harman pulled out as panellist on BBC's Question Time programme on Thursday.
Show host David Dimbleby told the TV audience Ms Harman was not able to be there after being "mysteriously withdrawn at the last minute".

She was likely to be quizzed about the "cash for peerages" affair, which Downing Street has stringently denied.

Labour Party treasurer Jack Dromey, who says he was not told about the loans at the centre of the row, is her husband.

"I think she was pulled by a 'force majeure' from Number 10"

Boris Johnson, shadow higher education minister

Programme host David Dimbleby told the Ipswich audience that the seat on the panel was "reserved for Ms Harman", but that she was "mysteriously withdrawn" at the last moment.

Referring to this Mr Dimbleby said: "The fact that she is the wife of Jack Dromey, Labour Party treasurer, who blew open the loans affair has nothing whatsoever to do with her absence."

Her seat was filled at short notice by ex-Labour MP Tony Benn.
I would have more faith in our political system if the ministers responsible for legal matters and the constitution were actually elected.

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