Question Time

Forgive me this; I don't get to see it much so when I do I need a stiff whisky close by for treating the blood pressure. (Tonight ). Should be interesting for the presence of Hain, the most partisan of (republican) Northern Ireland Secretaries ever, and Winner, an admirable individual who's made his way rather well.

A couple of other nondescript politicos to make their parties' points are lurking, but I can't for the life of me see why 'Marie Claire editor Marie O'Riordan' is there. Is she in any way qualified to represent a body of serious opinion in this country? Is 'Marie Clair' more than a silly 'women's' equivalent to FHM? It's almost like putting that stupid creature Bonio or Geldorf onto the panel; no qualification or constituency, just an enormous attraction to media exposure.
F*ck. Missed it. That's what happens when you have horse sh*t to shovel out for the piggin wife's piggin nag. Kept the blood pressure down, though.

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