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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by CQMS, Jul 15, 2010.

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  1. Poor panel tonight, second rate or failed politicians but I digress, Sally Bercow, would you?
  2. LancePrivateJones

    LancePrivateJones LE Book Reviewer

    Dunno, saw her on 'This Week' last thursday and she came across as a bit of a gobby cow.
    I agree that the panel is second rate Q but they are kicking off with each other beautifully.
    Pissed off that the cretin Galloway is still getting air time though.
  3. yes, I'm enjoying the verbals between the panel.

    and yes, Ms bercow would royally get it
  4. meridian

    meridian LE Good Egg (charities)

    George is always value for money though isnt he

    It is a shame he is a complete throbber because he can't half talk, a real quality orator is very rare these days

    Oh, on the eyebrows by the way
  5. Agreed, but his last comment was spot on along with whats going to happen to the NHS, must go have a shower as i feel dirty having actually agreed with something Galloway said.

    Bercow would get it in the face.

    It's also getting towards the summer break so a lot of politicians are off, i ******* hate Maude as my local mp he's an utter cnut.
  6. Never though I would see the day when George Galloway champions the disaffected white, working class.
  7. Quite a few people already have.

    Summer recess and all, it was still a poor showing with little in the way of actual debate. Just entrenched viewpoints and dogma. That's what I come to ARRSE for!

    And yes, I would. Provided she was thoroughly boiled first, for hygiene purposes.
  8. Interesting enough, especially when Mr David Bimblbey had to admonish some of the panel from shouting across each other. Gorgeous George is still in fine fettle, but shouldn't that beard of his be much longer, and much more 'Talibandy' in length and size?. I thought the old Marxist-Commie bugger (oops, I meant gentleman of a certain leftish leaning political persuasion), had retired from politics after losing his last parliamentary seat.

    Yes it was all a bit 'Sucks, Ya-booery', especiallay at the start when discussion Lord Mandprat's latest publication. (Oops! Mes abject appoligeeez Mein Herr)

    Mr Maude is right out of the mould of Old Thatcherite politics. I hope he chokes on the backlash that could happen. I tended to agree somewhat with GG over possible irritability and discontent amongst some of the peasant underclass, especially the dope-smoking Doley Scrounging kind in the coming months. Since they have lost their Face Book tributes to that Mong Maot, then it could be a time similar to the Poll Tax riots under Maggie. if so, then 'Call-Me-Dave' and the Clegover of the Limp-Ducks will have to change policy if they are to avoid any civil disorder if the public finance cuts go too deep too quickly.

    Time will tell........ I have gotten in my stash of Cheese and Coffee.....
  9. Reading this "blow by blow" (sorry-slow night here as well) exchange is a bit like trying to follow a football game/match (your kind or ours) over the radio. Looking at her picture makes me wonder--is she British? If so, why is she standing near the Coney Island boardwalk?
  10. I think you'll find you're mistaken, JJH. If you look closely you can clearly see the Houses of Parliament in the background.

    She's in Vegas, obviously.
  11. Silly me....Isn't that near some old bridge out west?
  12. Sally Bercow? Isn't she the one who got sacked from a good "city" job for lying on her CV last year?

    "I went to Oxford 'doncha know."

    Yeah luv, so did I. On the train.
  13. Sally Bercow?

    I would but I doubt very much if she would.

  14. Thats cause we is becoming the down-trodden minority in Britain.
    Especially the "working" bit
  15. Could be that he is on a fight back for popularity, seeing as how he,s so out in the cold at present. Cant stand the treacherous rat meself tho.