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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by exbleep, Mar 11, 2010.

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  1. On at the moment. Talking about equipment provided for the soldiers in Afghanistan. One mother stated she has given her son (just 18 and on his way to the sandy place) money to buy "comfortable" stuff. When asked what, she said she bought his webbing, his ammo pouches and "stuff to go round his belt" because it wasn't issued.
    Either the Army is getting worse than I thought or this lad has just got some extra beer tokens from Mum & Dad.
  2. Or he wanted Gucci stuff but couldn't be bothered to buy it i guess.
  3. Good line from Caroline Flint along the lines of 'our forces are better equipped than ever'. I'd bloody hope so too: it would be a bit embarassing if we were in a worse condition kit-wise than in, say, the 1920s.

    It's like those tedious Defence News 'Stories' that say things like 'HMS Astute is the most powerful submarine ever to enter the Royal Navy: it should be - it's called progress.

    And relax...
  4. It was the woman who stood up and said "When have our troops every been equipped prior to a war" as if that was an excuse for them not being equipped.
  5. Bloody true though

  6. I agree its true, Doesnt make it right! the way she said it it was though that made everything better
  7. To be fair, I don't think that's what she was trying to say: rather, the point was that since time immemorial British govts have failed adequately to equip troops - nothing new in this!

    More generally, what stunned me was the total disconnection of most panel members from reality. For example, Monty Don & others prattled on innocently about the duty of all to take a stand against "anti-social behaviour" by yoofs - oblivious to a couple of hard realities, namely -

    1.) Those who do so risk getting a knife in the guts/ kicked to death or similar.

    2.) Get involved; take a stand; have a confrontation... etc, and as likely as not Plod'll come for you.

    Nothing will change until the Police get in the faces of little thugs & make their lives a misery, and as a first principle back the average citizen who tries to do the right thing.

    I see nothing on the horizon from any of the mainstream political parties to suggest they're really serious about this; nothing is going to change.

    The local prospective Parliamentary candidates of the "Big 3" have all visited my school in the last few months to address 6th formers/ first time voters for the next GE. Totally unimpressive, esp the Labour Party candidate. Made me realise just how deep their contempt for us really is: I will, of course, exercise the franchise, but not in any positive way.
  8. This countries politics needs a radical shakeup, They need to make voting easier (Red Button Perhaps) Im 22 not really wise to the way of the world yet but things need to change or this country is going to crumble slowly to the ground.

    We need strong leadership able to make tough decisions. At the moment the government is constantly posturing for the next election which means their not going to make unpopular decisions which may be needed incase they dont get elected next time.
  9. It certainly can be argued that the worst thing for the economy right now is for a general election to take place. It'll be two months of treading water; something the country can't really afford right now.
  10. I think the election needs to happen soon, Brown has proved to be ineffective however even if someone else wins they wont raise tax or do anything to drastic because they will be thinking bollocks we might not get in next time if we do that.

    I think the Queen should have the power to once in a while say this needs to be done, get it done! She might be unpopular for a few years but when we reap the benefits she becomes liked again.

    If she abuses that then people will hate her and the Army gets to enjoy a hippy cull in her defence back of the net
  11. Well the tories have already said an emergency budget is on the cards, but reckon savings can be achieved without tax rises.

    In reality voters aren't going to carry any drastic actions in May over to the next election in 5 years. That's why the first year of any government is typically full of all the potentially unpopular steps it wants to take to effect the necessary changes.
  12. Kit? Who needs kit? When has the army ever been prepared? First riot I was ever involved in, the troops were kitted out in dustbin lids as riot shields and ...get sticks!!! Naturally the arabs thought this was funny as fkkk and marmelisdes the guys. Well ....600 to 20 gives you an advantage. Some broken heads and petrol bombs later....the powers that be issued...."a get back to barracks and dig in".....!
  13. Yes... at least the columnist, Kelvin MacKenzie got it dead to right when he publicly called old Grumpy Gordon a 'Liar'.... that got a bit of applause. I was hoping he would use a simple four-letter anglo-saxon word describing a bit of anaotomy..... 8O
  14. I personally would say tax the fcuk out of us for 4 years before labour get back in again and fcuk it up if I honestly though Cameron will be any better.

    The fact is the government will always under provide for the armed forces now and as for the rest of the country. The parties are so similar these days and so scared of straying away from central politics we're in effect voting for which people we want to sit on the other side of the room.
  15. "I personally would say tax the fcuk out of us for 4 years before labour get back in again and fcuk it up if I honestly though Cameron will be any better."

    Not nice but whats needed.