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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by CardinalSin, Nov 20, 2009.

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  1. Why does QT always attract such pathetic questioners? Tonight there was some eejit bleating about "why does our government give all the immigrants jobs and why can't I get one"? The thing is, he was a really fat, slimy looking waste of rations who looked dirty, his hair was unwashed and he was unshaven. He said he'd been looking for a job for 5 months. There's your problem matey - no one wants to employ some fat, dirty, unshaven, self-pitying waster when they can employ a hard working foreigner who actually understands the importance of playing the game. What a complete prick.

    He's like those white supremacists with skinheads, tattoos all over their faces and so on who blame everyone else for the fact that they are relegated to the bottom rung of society. Some of these people are so far in denial and they blame immigrants, jews, gays and so on. It's incredibly depressing. I wanted someone in the audience or the panel to just say "go and get a wash and shave, stick on a shirt and tie and then try for that job you disgusting slob".

    Er...sorry, I just wanted to get that off my chest. :evil:
  2. Fair one. :wink:
  3. Question time has been going downhill for a while, it's not the fault of the programme, it's the quality of the panel. Phil Woolas is a throbber of the highest sort, Clare "I'll resign on principle" Short, Chris Grayling who dare not say anything, a press hack and an old man.
  4. The process for the audience questions is that on arrival at the venue the audience have to write their question on a card and hand it in to the production team. The lamest questions are selected by the production team and the relevant questioners asked to read out their question during the show.

    I agree that the panel selection has been poor for the past 5 years!
  5. Interesting that this came up. It appeared to me last night that it should change its name to dogmatic statement time. There are so few questions now, and of such non-controversial quality, that the panel are not really challenged and barely ever look uncomfortable. The last time someone was made to look humbled was the odious Jacqui Smith.

    More questions, shorter answers and an increase in embarassment is what's needed. That's why I started watching it in the first place.

  6. That'll be Sven/Whet then.
  7. Any questions, the radio version is being held in the Tidworth Garrrison theatre on nov 27th according to garrison orders. Get your self there if you want to ask brilliant questions.
  8. They dont want proper questions to be asked by proper people. They rather sift through the questions and spoon feed the panel.
    However did anybody notice Claire Shorts statments on terrorism following virtually exactly what Nick Griffen had said a few weeks earlier regarding where the battle against terrorism really is now.She got a round of applause.
    Like his politics or not it was a valid point.
    Too many people shout and don't listen, that will be our downfall.