Question Time with Nick Clegg. You have 20 minutes


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A mate of mine is on BBC R4 Question Time the neet. In the audience, not on the panel, sadly. We believe Nick Clegg will be on the panel, but I am sure they have wheeled in some proper people as well.

My mate can ask questions. The best we have come up with so far is "Oi, shortarse. When I position my two fingers in front of your eyes, upon the word of command, lurch forward".

If anybody can do better I shall try to relay your questions from my iPhone as I sit in the bar.
How about, "Why? For the love of God man, why?"

if it's been sent from my HTC Hero using Tapatalk then I'm probably pissed.
I take it it was yesterday, but a question about the recent referendum vote is, When does the party & personal opinion of MPs overrule the views of the constituents ?
Does your misses spit or swallow?


Given the classical liberal roots of the Conservative party, the same roots plus social liberalism for the Liberal Democrats, and the Wet leanings of the current Patriarchal Tory leadership, the rhetorical question about the coalition being an obvious reply to the current crises need not be asked. However would you agree, and in advance of the next general election, that before a person votes for a political ideology they should actually understand what that ideology was, is, and can be, before they start accusing a party of selling out and not doing what it says on the tin?

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