Question Time Tonight Thurs 1 May

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Jimmy_Kranke, May 1, 2008.

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  1. Noticed that Swiss Tony is up for a shoeing tonight. He's facing Hague and Littlejohn...............Should be fun :D
  2. Good spot that man!
  3. Oops forgot to mention Paddy Pantsdown. I fear for Swiss, I really do...........
  4. Hmmmmmmmmm

    First question, largest cheers for Polly Toynbee. Why? She advocated taking the lowest earners out of tax altogether AND TAXING THE RICHEST TO PAY FOR IT!!!
  5. Looks like a typical beeb left wing leaning audience. Some nice pre-prepared speech type questions and comments from the audience.
  6. Swiss has yet to smile, the tablets must be working
  7. Oh aye :roll:

    The first question was about Browns u-turn - the supplemental about Boris winning London bringing about Browns downfall.

    The second question was about suffering under Brown via food and fuel inflation.

    The third question was about Brown being more in touch with public opinion than David Cameron by trying to force through the 42 day6 detention.

    All pro-government questions :roll:
  8. Shame that Hague is a busted flush who has a poor intellect and needs Paddy to make the point for him. As for Toynbee .... Do one Champagne Socialist get.
  9. Littlejohn is jittery and unable to make telling points that gel with the audience. The biggest applause He got was when He spoke out in favour of starving Africans (which HAS to be a first)
  10. Who cares what the soapdodgers in the audience think. Tramps the lot of them. As for LittleHitler - He is running rings around Polly. Two cheeks of the same arrse. A pox on both their houses.

    There goes Hague again - dullard with sod all of interest to say.
  11. But then again - I'd forgotten that Swiss Tony was there. The atmosphere hoover.
  12. Can't see the point in having the part time Defence Sec. there and no one grilling him. The smarmy fcuk got away all too lightly.
  13. Grossly disappointed! Tuned-in expecting a major blood-letting and tribal Splean venting session and got none of it… Much to the ‘credit’ of tonight’s audience, eh?
    The Producer must be very proud.

    spelin mong...
  14. Indeed, he hardly had a question to answer and he still came away looking like a **** whit!

    Where are all these mine resistant vehicles?
    A changing world with new powers emerging? Then why are you cutting the Navy to ribbons?!
    How come you in charge of defence, but only do it part time even when we are fighting two wars?

    They are the questions I would have liked him 2 answer!
    And with that im off 2 bed.