Question Time - the Student Version

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Dale the snail, Jul 6, 2006.

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  1. Is anyone sitting watching Question Time?

    The one made by a pile of students, filmed by a pile of students, and with Richard and Judy and Seb Coe on the answering seat?

    Is there any chance they could get a sensible answer out of any of them? I doubt it.

    Is anyone clever enough or important enough to bore the BBC into making an Army version? Where the audience (compiled of squaddies) can ask questions to people of our choosing?

    Imagine the debris.

    I should have put this in the NAAFI, but no doubt there will be someone clever with a good answer.
  2. I'm not very clever, and I don't have a good answer.

    However, I have to say that I loathe Question Time, regardless of who has produced it. I watch it, but I still loathe it. The cause of the aforementioned loathing, is that every week, without fail, someone always stands up and say '.......Iraq is baaaddd' whilst trying not to drop their yellow laboon.

    I think we'd all agree that Iraq is an issue, but it seems that it doesn't matter what the topic is, someone will always mention it. Problems with the NHS, it's Iraq. Muslims not integrating, it's Iraq. It doesn't matter what they are going on about, someone will always say 'Iraq' or 'Bush' and get a round of applause, when I was trying to listen to the actual panel answer to the proper question.
  3. Will someone tell that tw@t Richard that he looks sad and pathetic, and what's more, adopting the haircut of an 18 year old doesn't actually make him 18.
  4. I’m watching it. The idea of an army question time has been mentioned before but who could we get or would be willing to answer the questions that we want to have answered.

    My first question if ever I had the chance would be regarding why Blair has never gone to see a solider / sailor / airman who has been wounded in Iraq or Afghanistan.

  5. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    Question Time, great programme in theory, but over 20 years+ no politician has ever answered a question.
  6. Duh!!!!

    I guess thats why it's called 'Question Time' !
  7. A question posed tonight, do you think we should lower the age of voting to 16?

    FFS half of the 16 year olds i have met wouldn't know one party from the other, the other half are driving round in the chav lowered novas, it is difficult enough to get the 18+ to vote, but i suppose on the other hand they wouldn't have to close the schools.

    Can you imagine it, i vote for that bloke who has offered us tax relief on car parts and burberry. FFS

    Sparky, steps down from his soap box.
  8. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    you should try watching BBC NI's " Hearts & Minds" where the MLA' (Normally Gerry &/or Martin,Ian 'jr' or Mr Tremble) dodge the Northern Ireland issue but the "Lets Talk" is a hoot! Less serious but more squirming than Dale sat in a bath of custard! They had the Father of a Soldier killed by the IRA on a while back & ol' Martin was there.The Dad asked him why did'nt he just admit he was a terrorist.Cue much squirming & political double talk like " You have to put the sitution into it's proper context & concentrate on dialog*"

    *Dialog-N.I Politicians new buzz word for bullsh1te!!!!
  9. Great idea and something any politician would truely dread, bluffing 200+ squaddies on national TV? Not likely. But I think it could be a career ending event for anyone serving who attends and asks awkward questions. Maybe if the audience was made up of ex. forces you could still get the no nonsense approach without the individual reprecussions?

    Panel nominations:
    Swiss Des, George Galloway, Lord Garden(home support), Shami Chakrabati,'Dave' Cameron.
  10. I seem to be able to recall a dim memory of a round table program on Channel 4 or E4 I think was called Drunken Review, where the panel sit down to discuss the issues of the day and put the world to rights- after getting absolutely leathered.

    I think a squaddie version of QT could benefit greatly from such an adaptation.