Question time special last night

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Agent_Smith, Apr 29, 2005.

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  1. Anyone see the question time special last night?

    I thought it went wuite well, blair got a psating and stuck to his line about the AG's report and his meeting with cabinet.

    Did seeing it change your views on any of the candidates?

    or change who you are going to vote for?

    Your thoughts?
  2. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    No but I caught the Morning Radio 4 show and I have to admit that Howard is no coward. C8nt for nicking my pistols though!
  3. I was genuinely shocked that he said he would still have gone to war. I thouhgt he would have at least said, i would have sought a 2nd resolution before going in and would have allowed parliment to see the AG's legal advice, therfore allowing them to make an informed decision.

    But hey, at least he told it as he saw it and for that he has more cahonas than blair ever did.
  4. Agree. Thought Howard didn't pull any punches. Would have gone to war because Saddam was a 'bad bloke' and a general threat to the region, without feeling he had to make anything up about WMD.

    Fighting a war to protect internal and external peoples from harm, or to rid someone of non-existent WMDs just because your mate (a fellow Christian fundamentalist) is. You decide.

    I slso thought that he did OK in front of a typical (left of centre) BBC Question Time audience.
  5. I think Howard scored points for standing up and declaring that he would have gone to war: he would have looked cheap and opportunist for scoring points off Blair by pretending he wasn't in favour of the war - and by wittering on about the need for "legal case" and "2nd resolution", etc, he would have looked like someone who will not be able to be decisive as leader during the next crisis. Much as I detest Blair and what he has done to the country, I do applaud him for cutting through the Chirac/Russia/UN/Europe cr*p, making a command decision - and standing by it. Maybe it was a bungled war, but at least UK had a moment of sovereign identity!
  6. You should see the state of this argumetn across at U75. they all bash blair, but still prefer to bash howard even more. Talk about skewed views.
  7. BBC audiences. Meh. You know that the fcuking studenty, smug, never-done-a-real-day's-work-in-their-fcuking-lives BBC producers stitched it up with all their mates from the local SWP or whatever.

    Bliar got a rollicking, but Howard was treated worse. Especially by Dimbleby, who interupted almost every answer he gave.

    It's called Red Corner interviewing: the BBC is so institutionally leftist it doesn't even realise it. One of the things I look forward to most in the next ten years is a centre right Tory party stalking the BBC HQ with a bloody great scythe, getting rid of the licence fee and making the barstewards actually work for their gazillion pound Chiswick mansions.


    I feel much better now. Cheers ARRSE!

  8. I thought Kennedy proved again that he does not know his own fiscal policy. That woman got him a corker by pointing out that the threshold for her in the SE of England was £32K not £40k. His excuse for not knowing his own policy before was that his wife had just had a baby. Fine, so he was tired, but his judgement must be put in doubt. If he knew he was too tired to be questioned he should have postponed. What would happen if he was PM and he had been put under some severe pressure to make a critical decision but was a little sleepy? The guy is a liability. Howard performed well and he was easily the most statesman-like of the three.
  9. Howard could have scored points over Bliar by insisting that he would have had a better post-war plan for Iraq, rather than just muddling though after the Americans.
  10. The thing that really grips my sh*t over the whole issue is the oft repeated line by the PM "Look, guys, I mean, y'know, there were 250,000 US and UK troops in the desert, waiting, and if we'd backed down Saddam would have won, so I had a decision to make, and I made it."

    Mmmm - but this isn't WWII, and you aren't Churchill. This wasn't a backs against the wall decision, and you didn't turn up at No 10 one morning and find out overnight that half the British Army had upped sticks and headed for the desert on their own initiative. There were 250,000 sldrs in the desert because you sent them there. Saddam might have won a victory if we'd backed down, but only because you made what was effectively a non-issue for the people of this country throughout the nineties, into a face to face staring competition.
    I can't believe no-one has picked him up for this. "I had a decision to make so I made it" is an ineffably cr*p reason for a poor decision, and I should know because I make loads every day.
  11. Dimbleby had his own agenda when it came to Mr Howard, he repeatedly interrupted and consistently asked his own questions whilest Howard was in the middle or answering the audience question.

    Bliar was p*ssing sweat and looked very uncomfortable he was evasive and repeatedly brushed aside the legality of the war by saying. "Youv'e got the report now and when you read it you will see that" conveniently not mentioning that the report had been put into the Public domain at 11.30 that morning when most people would have been at work and unable to get a copy. Secondly most people, given the timeframe would not have had a chance to read it, dissemble its ramblings and then go on to ask incisive and cogent questions.
  12. The look on El Presidente's face when he entered and was booed was priceless. This was only eclipsed when the audience was asked if anyone else had had problems making doctors' appointments due to the 48hr target and a good number of the audience said "yes". This shows exactly how out of touch he is.

    And the question at the end that he didn't answer, about why he had refused to have a conventional QT-style panel discussion with the other party leaders, had him sweating like Michael Jackson in an elementary school :D
  13. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Ok so we know all this but will it work on the 5th or will the scum readers follow sheep like the Furher and the Cambell/party line?
    Has anyone else noticed the Cinquo de Mayo link with the mexican revolution, or is it a thursday just to deny an evenings pay to the TA again?
  14. I was surprised that nobody asked El Presidente about electoral fraud, or the fact that the constituency boundaries are heavily weighted in Labour's favour..... I was a bit miffed, actually!
  15. Couldn't agree more. Apparently Oliver Letwin works about 7.00 am to 2 a.m. on an average day, surviving on about 4 hrs kip. Don't see him balsing up the Tory financial policy on a routine basis do we?