Question time - pre-recorded!

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by MikeMcc, Nov 27, 2008.

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  1. I hadn't realised until tonight that QT was pre-recorded! Makes a bit of a mockery of the web comments and e-mails part of it! George Osbounes comments were used on the news which was shown earlier.
  2. Guns

    Guns LE Moderator Book Reviewer
    1. The Royal Navy

    We hosted QT onboard our ship. It is filmed 45 mins early to allow for editing and such like.
  3. Arrrgh. That's your PERSEC gone!
  4. Ah yes, he must be that one member of the British forces who works on a ship!

  5. It's always pre-recorded. Don't believe everything you see on telly, because a lot of it is c0ck.
  6. I was on a ship once, the RFA Argus, early ninties, in the 150 man room,sailing up and down the Adriatic, 6th aisle,5th bed, bottom bunk.
    OOOOOOerrrr my persecs gone.
    As the average gunner getting up in the night for a slash, then could'nt find his way down the correct aisle without waking someone up, and saying , Ho cnut your in my bed., I find it hard to believe that anyones persec has gone.
    Just my two pence worth anyway. :wink: :wink:
  7. I went as an audience member last year, basically it is recorded starting about 7.30 that evening, finishing around 9 PM. Normally there is a warm up question which isnt shown then the actual show begins. All members of the audience are asked to submit a question prior to the show beginning and then around 6 or 7 are selected to be asked during the show,
  8. I was in the audience for one earlier in the year, pre-recorded by about an hour so they can fix any errors and choose camera angles. In my one they had to re-do the end bit with what was coming up next on tv as the schedule had changed. Nothing major. Did get to meet David after filming though courtesy of someone in the know, pretty sweet.

    It's not like top-gear where they film on wednesday for a sunday release.
  9. But TG doesn't invite texts, e-mails and web comments as if it was live.
  10. If it went out live, you'd have naked nutters jumping out of the audience with '9/11 was an inside job' tattooed on their backsides.
  11. That at least it would go some way to justify the stealth tax they charge to watch it :D
  12. I stopped watching QT when Robin Day snuffed it, its the biggest load of left wing crap on the box by its very nature of being pre-recorded, can you imagine if it was live and you let Jon Gaunt , Nick Griffin and Hutchins loose at least you would get some fckuni truths,
  13. Yes,but it was an inside job!

  14. So all the roastings that some of the political flunkies have had in the past from the audience and non party members of the panel i.e. Ian Hislop recently is always left wing bias? :roll:

    There is nothing anywhere in the media without some bias or agenda! One has to be capable of watching, reading or listening and then! Use one's own critical thought to abstract information and form opinions.

    Or just get some tinfoil and make a hat!!! :roll:
  15. Ian Hislop wants to stick at trying to be funny and having a go at taking the piss but then again he will say anything because they pay his wages even on QT, can't stand the little shit, are you trying to defend the Banghdad Broadcasting Corporation after all the crap they have thrown at the British forces in recently times,