Question Time? Occasionally fun, but rubbish.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Lucky_Jim, Oct 6, 2006.

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  1. A few days ago I posted on here that I’d sent a message via the BBC web site to tonight’s Question Time. I wanted to ask, in advance, what the panel felt about the UK armed forces under-funding, and in particular the loss of armed forces hospitals.

    Tonight’s programme was aired and what did we see? Fifteen minutes about Jack Straw’s appeal to muslim women not to wear veils. Another ten minutes about a non-story regarding a muslim policeman and the Israeli embassy.

    The rest of the programme was about taxes and Boris Johnstone.

    Where have our priorities gone if this is all our ‘hot topic’ news programmes can focus on?
  2. Because invariably, whenever I watch, those that ask most of the questions (well the ones that stand out in my mind at any rate) are students. Perhaps I am just selectively remembering but it always appeared to be that someone would always relate home problems with 'Tony Blair's illegal invasion of Iraq', with a smug look on their face and a round of applause from the audience which makes it impossible for the panel to actually begin to answer the 'question'.

    I haven't seen it for a while, as being a student myself, I no longer own a television. I am rather missing Newsnight...
  3. Damn me I detest the Blears woman.
  4. Oh yes I detest the Blears too, but why was the question about servicemen not even put?
  5. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    Actually it was asked by someone in the audience, if you had been paying attention, twice.
    Once regarding the sell off of BMHs and also regarding the assault (verbal) in a hospital ward.
    Time restrictions forshortened answers unfortunately :(
  6. Uh - anyone know where I can get hold of decent-quality copies of this program? I am not currently in the UK and the BBC website doesn't allow streaming of videos to countties outside the UK.

    Well, they do but I do not like squinting at a 7cm x 5 cm screen. :(
  7. I rarely watch QT nowadays as it's gone downhill. Like Lucky Jim, I despaired as a sequence of inane questioned were asked, followed by ant-Tory questions from a couple of spiteful little scrotes.

    Dimble'bore' was being exactly that, Sandra Howard came over as 'nice but dim' (although quite honest), Shirley Williams was verbose, Hazel Blears witttered on - misquoting & misrepresenting ad nauseum. Oliver Letwin came over fairly well but a bit LibDem-ish.

    How come it was left to Ian Hislop to sum up in a sentence or two each answer, which frequently drew an "I agree with Ian" opening from another pannelist before they changed the answer totally. He treated each silly statement with quiet contempt, and wasn't afraid to poke panellist or questioner in the eye for any crass over-generalisation.

    Any Answers, the Radio 4 equivalent on Friday evenings, has also lost its way. The other week they came from Warminster, and the intro majored on the military connections - then had no military related questions.

    I sense that the malign influence of Blair/Campbell/Hutton still frightens the BBC, either that or the more independent-minded producers have left the Beeb.
  8. I was on a toilet break miss.
  9. Ordinary members of the public need to be let on.
  10. I know a former producer of QT who floated that as an idea. I can only assume it was unsuccessful.
  11. In this country we call them programmes.
  12. As an ordinary member of the public, I can say that I have been on - twice!!!
  13. Okay...and in 'this country', where do you go to get hold of this excellent programme when you have forgotten to watch/tape/ask someone else to tape it and you do not want to watch streaming video?
  14. On the panel Sven :)
  15. Ooops

    I'l definately get my coat after that one :oops: :oops: :oops: