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Watching Question Time. I've got to say that John Humphrys is making a good show as 'chairman', better than the injured Dimbleby. NONE of the panelists are being let off making flippant comments. It's good to watch them being screwed, the audience have sensed this too. About time IMHO.
I disagree. he is not bad, but he is interfering and interviewing too much at the moment.

Dimbleby doesn't let them off either, he just deals with them better, with a quick acid comment.
Humphrys was good at not letting them away with anything - but asked too many follow on questions of his own.

I also noticed that the couple of opportunities to debate why we are in Afghanistan were just ignored - and time wasted on the Sun/Janes letter nonsense.

I think Will Self is a pain, totally negative - but I'd like to have heard the politicians debate "the reason why" with his input !
He is combative which is entertaining, but he doesn't seem to close down the shoite questions from the audience and feeds some of them to the panel, meaning time spent justifying all the bone generic quetsions/statements/views pumped out by the audience

Will self is my hero, mainly because politicians are unnerved as they just don't know exactly what's gonna come out of his twisted mind EXCELLENT. Hoofin tash as well
Markintime said:
fairycakes said:
My vote still would be for Sir Robin Day
You there, ugly fellow with the spots and a question mark on his face, yes you, fairycakes, what's your question?

But why should the public, on this issue, as regards the future of ARRSE, believe you, a transient, here-today and, if I may say so, gone-tomorrow poster.
We were discussing it on the chat room . That audience member with " the bald hair " should have been taken out and shot . What a cnut
I caught some of this last night and actually found him monumentally irritating. He's a cantankerous sod at the best of times but I thought he was far too interfering last night and was almost schoolboyish in his arguments. Will Self just made me laugh - he always does - but I could have quite cheerfully kicked that Tory Baroness in the slats. What a trout.
With all their talk about CS bods serving in theatre, none of the panel had a handle on CS performance-related incentive 'bonuses' (i.e. non-pensionable top-ups for poor pay).
jack-daniels said:
Who was that Lib MP? She'd most certainly get it (even with her massive hooter).
Agreed. Apart from her I thought it was a pretty poor Question Time, I've always found Humphrys irritating and last night was no different.


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There is an argument for saying that Woodward is a man of principle who switched from Tory to Labour as he felt that New Labour better represented his views and political aspirations. Personally I think he is a slimy turncoat cnut and found it difficult to watch him without shouting at the TV. Perhaps that is what 3 pints of Guinness and a Bushmill's do to me.

On QT there is a fine line between between allowing the panelists to make their points and not allowing them to drift off the issue and grandstand. I would nominate Paxo, Jezza, Hislop or la Chakrabati.

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