Question Time in Belfast - Paul Murphy NI Sec

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by BuggerAll, Feb 11, 2005.

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  1. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    I've just watched QT from Belfast. I have to say that I was quite impressed with Paul Murphy the NI Sec. !st time I've been quite impressed with any of the cabinet. Might have been the bottle of red I had for dinner. Any body else got any views about him?

    The rest of the panel were the usual shower of paddy rent-a-gobs. If talking to Martin McGuiniss is the price of peace its probably worth paying, but I find it vomit inducing. Then again I wouldn't piss on Trimble if he was on fire either. Still the've been democraticly elected so they represent the views of quite a few people whohave the right to be heard.
  2. He's an expendable political nobody who in a year or two will either be rewarded with a "real" post for his time in purgatory or put to the sword when all goes wrong.
  3. Yes, the NI portfolio is the poison chalice...
  4. Thought he came across quite well, and clearly imho worried McGuinness about what would come from his deliberations on Sinn Fein/IRA involvement in the bank job(s). As he's a politico, I forgave him agreeing with Bliar's apology.
    They are the elected representatives and I thought the chair did a good job (eventually), of shutting McGuinness up during his rants and made him answer every subsequent question last.

    I'm glad he's having second thoughts about fishing. If his sport goes, it will be because of his failure to support other 'sports.'
  5. I must admit that i was quite impressed by him as well. I dont knwo why but he had a certain air about him that he wasnt going to stand for any sh1te from mcguiness. Makes a refreshing change from Batty boy mandelson (what was tony thinking? 8O )

    I say bring back Mo Mowlam! The only Labour MP i ever had any confidence in.

  6. Great row, wasn't it? Not so much Question Time as Jerry Springer with politicians. I half expected McGuinness to break off and yell at Durkan "Talk to the hand cos the face ain't listening, biatch!", before Donaldson accused Murphy of making his daughter a lesbian. Then Trimble would have been held back by "Steve the Security" to stop him bitch-slapping half the audience.

  7. The shinners didnt seem to have the audience quite so stacked a they usually manage on"Lets Talk" (the local variant....oh the irony :roll: ).

    Were Dimbelby and Co engaged in a little "Intelligence preperation of the Audience"?
  8. I missed Qt thi sweek, but would offer that Paul Murphy built his reputation as a 'firm but fair' backroom boy at the time of the Stormont talks.

    IIRC, even Paisley had no complaints about PM (if not any/much praise - but then that would be exceptional).