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The sound of Theo saying shoppers can’t afford to use the high street is bloody hilarious, his own shops are complete rip off merchants.

There is a Ryman in one of the local towns, plus other sellers selling stationary.

I can genuinely say that when I go to that town I have literally never seen even one customer go into Ryman, when the other shops selling the same stuff but much cheaper have a steady stream of customers.
Can't remember the last time I bought stationery. I just half-inch it from work.
Can't remember the last time I bought stationery. I just half-inch it from work.
Reminds me of the mother who complained to a school about the theft of her little boy's coloured pens:

"It's the principle that concerns me. I'm not worried about the pens because my husband can get all the stationery we need from work."


According to the Freeview guide Portillo's on tonight so, assuming that he can get a word in edgeways, there might actually be some sense talked amongst all the political grandstanding and yah-boo batshit bullshit.
Thursday 9th December.
Michael Portillo :thumright:
Anneliese Dodds :slow:


Guido QT commentary thread: Who’s on Question Time Tonight? #BBCQT
This actress - what's she been in, then? Never heard of her, me.
Every Christmas advert this festive season?
Actor, you sexist pig.

...or, er...
Whilst working alongside some Sudanese (British Empire trained) hospital administrators, Mrs Kinch, in her capacity as Director of Nursing (aka, the DON) was addressed by one of the said administrators as Madam Directress.........................................boy, I thought I was in for a right whipping!

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