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Question Time Commentary


Good to see Ed Davey on.
I enjoy watching him pretend his party’s 11 MPs makes them more the public’s representatives than the Tories 364 :)


Who's this Ed Davey chap, does anyone recognise him

They should have gone for someone more high profile like Ronnie Pickering
Live with Littlewood recording now available. This should be good! Patrick O'Flynn, Suzanne Evans, Toby Young and Mike Graham are on this week, amongst others.

First 30 mins. There seems agreement that Rishi has played it well. On jobs, the feeling is that the economy was changing anyway and that the shift that would have happened gradually over the course of ten years is happening, by necessity, in a much shorter time frame. Patrick thinks that Boris and the gov't have been spooked by scientists.
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Well that lasted a long time! It was instantly dire last week and I just couldn’t bear to watch. New lease of life and a determination to keep my nerve and not flip.
See how long I last this time.
Plus I’ve eased off the Jameson’s tonight. Ha!


I think I’m only still watching this purely out of habit.
It’s as boring as can be.


I’m giving up on this, and going to bed. :)
I took a five-minute squint at QT, realised that I'd tuned into BBC South Asia and turned off.

I don't know why I bothered.

(Edit: Oh, good, Live with Littlewood...)
The "businessman and entrepreneur" on QT tonight is quite interesting.

His company hasn't turned a profit after tax since 2008. That means he's either stunningly imcompetent, or he's avoiding reporting a profit through aggressive structuring.
If you’re of a certain age... have a flick to channel 368 on Sky. Loads of old 70’s stuff! I’m going there very shortly.

Amazon have the full series of The Sweeny and The Professionals available, so you can watch them in the right order, it's sheer bliss to have on as background telly whilst you work
This is what I feared after my ‘ small’ break. It’s struggling for my attention again. Half the attraction, the audience, has all but gone. No blokes trying to dress and be like a Doris anymore. It’s quite poor now.

I just miss being able to score card the women and oggle the ones with decent cleavage, without that any playing QT bingo it's a bit dry
Live with Littlewood was worth watching. As expected optimism was down on last week, partly economy but a lot of it to do with loss of liberty (Labour would want even more draconian laws). Mike and Steve gave optimistic scores of 7 and 6. Yes there's stuff to be concerned about but also some optimism. Looking further ahead, Toby thinks it will be Rishi vs Starmer in 2024.

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