Question Time Commentary

If she’d been a nice person, that would have been an interesting read. She’s not but it wasn’t bad.
Give her her due, didn’t know she was 56. Forgot she’d presented Crimewatch too.
I don’t think she will lose too much sleep knowing that I still can’t warm to her.
So did Jill Dando.

Hope Fifi's locks don't get superglued...
Will anyone mention he was a crack head and loaded up with Fentanyl & Meth? That he spent ~half his adult life in jail?
Floyd suffered from heart disease and hypertension, and listed fentanyl intoxication and recent methamphetamine use
Feel a tad guilty, but it would be schadenfreude if all these protestors, rioters, looters, arsonists, murderers... caught and died from Covid-19
Normally I wouldn’t comment on American stuff, ‘cos it’s their country and if they have a problem with killing each other, that’s for them to sort out; nothing to do with me.

But may I suggest that in general, in a fair society, the police don’t have carte blanche to kill those they’re arresting ‘because he’s a right wrongun’.

Bottom line is he was killed while being arrested and no amount of retrospective justification will change that.

Oh, and I agree, it would be a delicious irony if those demonstrating over here for their ‘rights’ were to now become ill from a virus who, frankly, doesn’t give a shit about wokeness.

Watch for a spike in BAME cases a week or so from now.

I wonder how the media will spin it.


So the turnip applauds the thousands of BAME people who deliberately broke lockdown rules...........yet still condemns Cummings.


How long will it take for Lammy to get all shouty, do you reckon?
I’m waiting for Lammy to break into his signature tune..........
If you want to know the time ask a policeman :)
Letc the panel answer questions ffs.


Wot no interruptions for Lammy. She's getting good, isn't she. I wonder if Lee Rigsby will be mentioned :cool:
I’d rather they refer to Lee Rigby.


I'm surprised at Kinnair's attitude.

The NHS is possibly the most multi-racial, non judgemental employer in the country.
Have you seen her in any of the government daily briefings, or interviews on government policy?
If I were Prof Pennington in Aberdeen, I'd have opened a bottle of whiskey by now. Too many speeches from the virtual audience.

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