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I’m a regular fan of QT but tonight has been dire. Utter shite.
probably 1. I loathe Bruce now. 2. I’ve not had an alcoholic drink.
Think I’m going to have to watch the end of ‘The boy whose skin fell off’ from earlier that I recorded.
Cheers all!


Sounds like the usual QT. Thanks for the commentary.

DIY with a cheap trimmer set. I've had worse haircuts. If you don't like the results just wait a few weeks and try again.
Mach 3 every few weeks for me.

Gillette - the best a man can get. Apparently...


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One in two people go to theatre? Really? 50% of the population regularly go to the theatre?
its the same people going over and over.

plus an awful lot of tourists - they just take the attendance figures not who actually attends.


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I must admit that the main reason to have QT on was while waiting for this week.

since that stopped I haven't tuned into to QT on purpose and I do not think I am alone.


Hairdressers and barbers back in July? Hope so because I am beginning to look like Brian May.
I hope not. There's a raft of MiLF around here who look hot with their short cuts and bobs but now they've been forced to grow it out look absolutely mind-(and bollock!)blowing with their shoulder-length hairjobs.


Next week: Glasgow. Week after: Southampton.

SNP on panel in a fortnights time, then...?



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I thought that everything that Halla said was lucid, reasoned and resonate. Oh and if she had a co*k she could bum me.
Back just to say been reading about Stephen Kinnocks totty. Lot of stuff about their tax affairs and other anomolies. They’re all at it and always have been. Vermin.
Described as a sloppy mistake ( nothing to do with becoming parents btw)
Chris Philp MPParliamentary Under-Secretary of State for the Courts
(joint with Home Office)
Who the hell is this creature? Who in the Government felt that he was an appropriate choice of spokesman on this stupid programme? Only Diane Abbott has ever put up such a dismal showing as this.
(I'm no better; Bambi in the headlights, recite the script and hope. But I'm not the Adviser to No10 who decides who appears. Sack whoever it was, please he/she failed badly.)


I get the impression that most of the regular posters on this particular thread view QT as an acceptable alternative to donning a suffocating gimp mask and underwear made out of barbed wire.

The reason I believe this is that if QT is so objectionable there's always the alternative of changing channels or turning the ******* telly off rather than sitting there stroking yourself until you're red in the face and looking for confirmation bias from pixels on the internet ;-)
Start 22:50

Ian Murray, Lab shadow secretary of state for Scotland
John Swinney, SNP deputy first minister and education secretary
Alex Massie, Scotland editor of The Spectator and columnist for The Times
Layla McCay, director of international relations at the NHS Confederation
You can't get it into ankle-biters. My nephew is primary age and my sister moans that he won't get with the programme when she takes him out for some air, daylight and a run-about.

I had some 5-6yr old run across a POS towards me when I was taking a walk earlier today, oblivious to his parents hollered imprecations to "come back!" and "keep away from other people!"

They should be sending the big kids back first and primary/pre-school later, not the seemingly planned other way around. My mates missus is a primary teacher and she's pulling her hair out over it - and she's a rare thing in education; a Tory voter!
Mrs NSP need not worry, there have been zero cases where an <=10 year old has transmitted Covid-19

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