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The Labour women says care people need more money because they work so hard. Working hard has never meant a high salery, high salaries come from high qualifications and high skills.


Paying only minimum wage is not compulsory if workers need to be attracted to working for you, offer more than the minimum!
Good rant tell it like it


Blonde in pink on a rant has nailed it!


And Sarker talks shite...
It is NOT a fact a Sarkar


It's not a fact - it's only a few years ago the BBC was trying to spin a report as good by ignoring the conclusion. The report said that EU migrants boosted the economy - but it was eclipsed to a big negative by non-EU immigration (the Labour "search party and wave 'em in" policy). Overall, the report showed that immigration was a net drain on the economy. No reason to think that has changed, really.
British blokes won’t clean bogs for £6 an hour. An Albanian will, so they get the job & keep the wage low. The British bloke goes without.
If there wasn’t the competition, they’d have to raise the wage to fill the job.
That’s the way I see it.
What? We can't call low skilled people low skilled now?

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