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Jeez, not bloody Sarcastic Sarkar again
I supported her decision to go on hunger strike in support of the Yarls Wood detainees.

On the basis she would see it through...sadly she was back on the biriyani after about a day.
I was thinking the same, take Sarkar out and you have quite a well-balanced, grown-up panel.
Ash Sakar type loon: Professor Patricia MacCormack - Taxpayers Money for negative return

The Solution to Climate Change: Extinction of Humanity

What the heck is a “Film Theorist”?

Back in 2010 Flying, Partying & Drinking more important
"'Sometimes I deliberately try to get a beer before midday on the weekend. It seems decadent.'"

Then fly to USA

Professor Patricia MacCormack: we should all kill ourselves to save the planet
"“Minority and oppressed people in the west have discovered that there is no liberation to be found in traditional patriarchal, capitalist or religious systems,” says academic, author and Occult "Vulvic Deamonitalia" magic practitioner Professor Patricia MacCormack"

Every and more SJW Woke box ticked by her in article - truly bonkers

Professor Patricia MacCormack “Film Theorist”: lecture material suggest she believes Witches, Demons, Goblins etc are real; TV Series Charmed a documentary

She's beyond parody, worse she's "educating" our children - sooner nihilist loon leads by example and kills herself the better

Hopefully all the Left will do this and save the planet and leave the sane people to live a normal live

If she'd appeared to 'teach' me at Uni I'd listen for ~5 mins then walk out


On a positive note, we should be grateful that Sarker listens to us on ARRSE.
We have said she needs to give her head a wobble, and we will see her wobbling her head from side to side every time she thinks she is making a point.
If they tied the hands of Sarkar together, she wouldn't be able to say a word. I may watch tonight's episode on this thread.


If they tied the hands of Sarkar together, she wouldn't be able to say a word. I may watch tonight's episode on this thread.
But that would be cruel.
While intellectuals use reasoning, facts and logic to get a point across Sarker uses the technique of ending a sentence with a silly smirk and upturned hands :)
Ha ha - A bridge.

"Is it a bridge too far...?"
Yep, little bridge in sheltered estuary is a bridge closed

Your Taxpayers' Money at work - New Forth Bridge (Queensferry Crossing)
SNP admit
- snow/ice on cables/bridge was not considered at design phase
- bridge may have to close every time it snows or sleets (35 mile detour)
- "monitoring equipment" installed after lasts years ice falls is...

... A pair of binoculars
Snow/ice in Scotland? SNP banned it in Global Warming Scotland Act (2007)

SNP wanted a shiny new bridge all could see, ignored all evidence that a tunnel would be:
- cheaper & quicker to construct and maintain, not prone to weather closures and safer

If anyone's wondering "Why not divert to older 1 mile away Forth Road Bridge rather than 17 miles away Kincardine Bridge"
The Forth Road Bridge was subsequently closed for repairs and refurbishment. It reopened in February 2018, now redesignated as a dedicated Public Transport Corridor
Logic says 'suspend this' - SNP hates cars, vans and lorries
I hope Mr Portillo is in top form tonight. It could make tonight's programme entertaining.
It’s going to be torture watching tonight as I’ve not had a drink! ( giving my liver a rest)
I’m hoping to see Portillo at his best.
I’ve no doubt that FiFi is going to annoy the shit out of me.
Cheers all!
If he’s allowed to get a word in without being shutdown.
I should have edited to add that. But I believe and hope he has enough presence to make himself heard. Not a shrinking violet.


Sarker warming up her head wobbling already
Straight in with an NHS worker.
Oh FFS the BBC are just doubling down...
Scrap the whole thing

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