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My daughters school asks for £5 a month per pupil to cover things like pens, sundries etc
When I was at school the school provided exercise books and textbooks. Everything else was expected to be brought in by the pupils on Day One. The school even sent out a kit list with the "Your kid is due to start with us on..." letter.
When I was at school the school provided exercise books and textbooks. Everything else was expected to be brought in by the pupils on Day One. The school even sent out a kit list with the "Your kid is due to start with us on..." letter.
Exercise books....My Son goes equipped with a bloody Ipad now. Trying to revise for exams, is a bollix, as he can't simply turn to a certain part of the book to brush up on the topic.


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I’m watching QT now. Tory girl has just told scousers that they have more chance of getting a job under the Tory government. What is it about Liverpool she has failed to understand?
He will be pilloried for this.
What for? Being right and cutting Ms. RaceCard contender 2020 dead? You'll notice she kept her toxic gob shut the rest of the night. Don't forget, she's since been rumbled, and I've a feeling her even being there might be a subject of debate soon.
That's almost certainly the result of the school not managing it's own budget properly. It's a sign of localised incompetence, not governmental failure to fund the schools.
No, not quite. In fact, the exact opposite.
Perhaps you do not savvy how school budgets work, depending on region to region.
SWMBO retired 3 years ago with 42 years of Primary Education to her credit.

By the time she left, the per capita allowance of each child per session was £1,80p. That is paid only once to last the year. Lump sums are paid out by the Local Ed Dept, strangled of course by the Scottish Office. The schools receive that sum from which all materials & services are formatted to specific uses whether the Senior Staff like it or not. Cannot get blood out a stone.

All the FDC classroom assistants are gone. No more fun outings that need a bus. Special Care Centres are shut. Many schools have ceased the Breakfast Clubs. Schools lunch prices have gone up...a lot....which were subbed. It goes on and on.

None of these things are to do with how a Head cuts the cash. There is simply no wiggle room any more, and it has been getting worse for decades. She could have just told the kids there was nowt much to work with, but like most of her workmates, figured her job was easier to spend sometimes £50.00 per MONTH to keep her kids going. Not always that much...a good month might be just £30.00 odd.

Parents? Must be joking. The Age of the Great Entitled. She asked often enough and got well told it was not their job to subsidise or assist....their own kids. Selfish cvnts mostly. Nice Nike trainers & Iphones kids though. Oh aye..priorities eh?
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Hey, Shambles - tell me how I can get from Bristol to the boat in Holland by road or rail in a...

a) timely manner

b) without it putting my client off hiring me due to cost...?
Chakrabarti "It's too cheap to fly (on unsubsidised APD taxed planes), but too expensive to travel on (50% subsidised untaxed rail)"

aka "Prols shouldn't be flying". The "too cheap" reveals everything about her and her fellow liberal elite. She's entirely missing the economic benefits of air vs rail

Question Time from Liverpool 16.01.20


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Doesn't QT (and others) have form for plants in the audience?
They are being 'found out' too easily these days, makes one think the organisers are informing the media of the status of certain audience members!
Oh just f*ck off with st David Attenboro
FiFi gives fares example, rail costs x2 air

Chakrabarti "That's the problem"

No, it's not a problem, it's a benefit to commuters/travellers; enable more to fly by allowing new runways paid for by private not state

Chakrabarti mentions Greta Attenborough, Con woman runs away

APD has bugger all to do with Green Crap

APD is to raise tax revenues, not mitigate externalities/CO2

In 2011, the Treasury launched a consultation on potential revisions to Air Passenger Duty. In their consultation they stated "Air passenger duty is primarily a revenue raising duty which makes an important contribution to the public finances, whilst also giving rise to secondary environmental benefits"
In 2013 a study by PwC, 'The Economic Impact of Air Passenger Duty', found that ....abolishing APD could pay for itself, through increased Government revenue from other sources primarily due to business growth achieved through the benefits brought by abolishing APD.
It's a regressive Ken Clarke stealth tax and should be abolished

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