Question Time Commentary

Julia’s just made a joke about behind the bike shed. I’m off and I may be some time!
Well this is yet another shite one


Its Theo's dad


That’s me had enough


I don't get the problem. There are plenty places in the world where eating on busses and tube trains is banned. People just follow the rules and get on with life. Geez, what a load of wind about nothing.
Leetha Nandy thouldn't be on televithion thpeaking and thaying wordth thuch ath grath and thuch like....
I hope someone booked her into a Thistle hotel, and she had to try and pronounce Thistle to the cabbie
That's plane and train catering stuffed if they get their way and people passing out after being on there for hours. Send them from London to Wick or land's End with no food or drink. That'll teach them.
More Exercise?! You’re kidding right? Just like the Olympics 2012 legacy you mean? That worked well.


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I see that the creature in the canary pullover who supported ER has just waffled about her time in Singapore. I presume she walked there and back.

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