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Guardianistas made Melanie Phillips see the light, like P Hitchens, and realise the Left actively fosters – and revels in – destruction of society

Like Orwell the best champions against the left are often past followers
You know the thing about being a left winger, in the words of The Eagles

"you can check out any time you like, but you can never leave"

Well, you can, but they'll hate you forever.
She’s discovered Ireland is in Europe and wants to share.
Shame Melanie didn't produce a world map and ask the septic to point at Ireland

As the Donald said "If you don't like it, go home and fix problems there" - Chicago is not peace & harmony
Oh dear, the Labour lackey is making stuff up again.
I cant help but notice Labour seems to be using disinformation just like the model Russia uses.
Labour bint: Primary school children worried about Brexit - who taught them to be?

Same as Here

Using children for political gain is child abuse

Using the dead [Mo M] for political gain is repugnant
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Times granny talking a lot of common sense. Surprised that she wasn't interrupted.
Yep. Harry & Meghan Woke did a Streisand by publicising MoS article

Bonnie, do FO it's nothing to do with race; it's their hypocrisy, politics, publicity stunts, "I'm a celebrity" attitude, victimhood, and secrecy whilst employed by us.

They're multi-millionaires, yet cry they're poor victims. Meghan is poison.
Anybody else know what a ‘panapoly’ is? Is it a special word used by highly tanned, septic so-called poets, only?
A complete suit of armour (well, it's arrse)

"I have a Polish friend who has a daughter who cant speak her Mother tongue" Kid born in the UK, her Mother tongue is English surely especially if they plan on making a life over here.
Septic Greer lying again

I hear people speaking Slavic and other furrin in Tesco, Morrisons etc on most visits - nobody attacks them.
Labour bint going on a political rant off topic.
Yep, and no surprise FiFi allows her to.

Measles: it's unpleasant, as is chicken-pox, German measles, flu, common cold, whooping cough, cuts, broken bones, tooth ache blah blah; I survived them all.

Allow Darwinian evolution to continue
You were right - it is unbelievable that Andrew Neil has been replaced by this crap.
Andrew Neil has been replaced by this crap as they're on message on BBC agenda; Andrew wasn't, even after he caved in to BBC

Try this: BrexBox Episode 9: Boris Johnson's plan is to sign the second worst deal in history

Note: non-binding [good faith] Political Declaration, not the Legal Treaty
Did no-one counter with, "On a school night? They should be asleep in bed! I'm calling social services first thing tomorrow?"

That could've been fun, briefly.
My thought too: 7,8,9 year olds watching TV 22:40 - 23:40 with school next day. I'm an adult and weekdays in bed asleep by 23:00, up at 07:00 for commute and work at 09:00

Labour MP projects & lies - no surprise, probably attended the Lady Nugee & Abbott School for Labour MPs
Post Brexit, voting rights in national elections that should be looked at. Why should Irish citizens get preference over Spanish? - there should perhaps be a common approach to all EU citizens in respect of national elections. The element of common travel is more problematic, with the GFA.
CTA not in Belfast Agreement
Actually it was the only serious point she made all evening - that the Irish Lobby, which is big in the states may mobilise it’s self to ‘defend’ the old country and stick it to their oppressors and try and interfere with US British trade arrangements. She may have a point.
Didn't USA go rather cold on funding ira post 9/11?

Question Time from Wallasey 03.10.19
I was thinking of the right to freely choose choose one's place of residence, in respect of the 'make them get a visa' kind of talk.
Thanks for clarification

Why did you do a Remoaner "but, Belfast Agreement (GFA)"?

Have you read it? It's not a 600 page Surrender Treaty, but it is a short anti-democracy agreement - page 1 of text makes that clear.
I was thinking of the right to freely choose choose one's place of residence, in respect of the 'make them get a visa' kind of talk.
I'll still be able to move freely to the ROI and settle as they regard me as an Irish citizen.. Likewise with Southerners up here.

It would be pretty hard to refuse me settlement or entry if I had an Irish passport.
Just been watching Politics Live on Beeb 2 and have warmed intensely to a politician called Jake Berry. He really must appear on QT as he’d rip FiFi a new one as he just has the whole panel on this show! Typically as she works for the Beeb, Jo Coburn kept trying to interrupt Berry as he was making good points and frustrating the whole panel. He just carried on making his point and talked over hers and the other panel members continual interruptions.
They were nearly all in tears of frustration like the cry babies they are because Berry wouldn’t tell them how we are going to leave on the 31st without breaking the law. I’m surprised he didn’t start windmilling, howling Fack Off! Fack Off!!!

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