Question Time Commentary

QT last week had two Leavers, to prove BBC "impartiality" and "balance" none this week.

Tory will prob be a fake Leaver - supports signing May's EU Surrender Treaty

Watching Al-beeb one would conclude Leave lost the Ref with only 20% of the votes.
Andrew Neil reviews the political week with Michael Portillo, Melanie Onn, John Nicolson and Belinda de Lucy.

Liam Halligan will round up the political week and election campaigning in a film, while the studio guests are George Galloway and Independent MP Ian Austin.
Elidih Douglas - Vice Chair Amnesty International. Lefty
Christine Jardine - former journalist. Lefty
John Swinney - SNP "fundamentalist" draw your own conclusions
Richard Leonard [who?] - Champagne Socialist / GMB Union Hack
Bim Afolami - former lawyer, professional liar (fabricated qualifications) - tw4t
Update from Guido:

Elgin, Moray, MPs


Moray (UK Parliament constituency) - Wikipedia
And Radio 4 did a few documentary's on the area. 1. the amount of kids dying very young due to inbreeding, one had 6 die but she still wanted to try again, and 2. Wives thinking the UK was a Muslim country...
Covered here:

“British Pakistanis are 13 times more likely to have children with genetic disorders than the general population – they account for just over 3% of all births but have just under a third of all British children with such illnesses.

Indeed, Birmingham Primary Care Trust estimates that one in ten of all children born to first cousins in the city either dies in infancy or goes on to develop serious disability as a result of a recessive genetic disorder. ”

Source: BBC"
Anna Soubry and "Change UK - they've changed their name, they've changed their logo" but they are scared of change and want no-change @~1hr

I suppose that's OK in today's Alice in Wonderland politics:

Conservatives - pro-China and abolish free speech
Labour - workers are ignorant knuckle draggers
Liberals - ban everything
Greens - back to 1700 peasant lifestyle & die aged 40. Darkies must stay in poverty forever.

Which leads to: Labour's EU Election Leader Lord Adonis "If you voted Leave, don't vote Labour"

Don't abstain or spoil ballot

Vote Brexit or DUP on 23 May
This looks like utter b0ll0cks and it’s not even started yet....
I missed the start.
Did I miss anything?
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