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Christ is Liz on the rag tonight?

I am constantly baffled by descriptions of Leavers as being angry when Remainers seem to get shouty crackers far more easily.
Grieve smiling at Portillo's analysis that it only takes on EU member to veto the extension. this would then force a vote and as no deal would be rejected, leave would be rejected by parliament.
My understanding is that the vote to reject "no deal" is non-binding, and the the Withdrawal Act would need to be repealed or amended to allow for the same.
Nodded off as the last section about confrontation was introduced and woke up to hear reggae singing and Liz gyrating to it along with the others. Slightly surreal.
Forgot it was on last night, as was watching something else and turned it over, as soon as I saw Blackford was on I turned it off. The man who tried to re-write history with his, and the other Nats in the local area, harassment and bullying of the late Charles Kennedy and his staff.
I knew what I was voting for. Dave made it quite clear a leave result would mean exiting the EU, the customs union and all the rest of it.
Interestingly, you don't hear leavers saying they didn't know what they were voting for. That appears to be the preserve of remainers.
Interestingly, you don't hear leavers saying they didn't know what they were voting for.
I thought leave meant leave, all of it. Obviously our dear politicians don't seem to understand.
And at the time of the referendum the most recent figures confirmed that we did indeed hand over 350m quid (before we knocked the rebate off).
It makes me laugh that Remainers constantly trot out the “£350m Bus Lie” line, when- if anything- it is more an inaccuracy than an out and out lie.
Unlike the Project Fear campaign (led by the bullshit tag team of the Prime Minister and Chancellor no less) which trotted out bare-faced lie after bare-faced lie on a daily basis.
And they used the power and resources of the Goverment to do it.

How we pitied the Irish when they were invited to vote until they came up with the “right” answer...
How we pitied the Irish when they were invited to vote until they came up with the “right” answer...
No, no that was just a minor error of the wording of a paragraph or something because, honestly, who really ever bothers to check these documents upon which the future of a nation depends, eh?

Careful now.
1 Brexit and the effect of the 303rd "Meaningful vote" in 2025.
MPs forced to keep voting until they give the correct result - it's the EU way

Be in no doubt that what we are witnessing is a coup against the people. There may not be tanks on the streets, but it’s a coup all the same. A few hundred MPs have decided to defy the will of the 17,410,742 British citizens who voted to leave the EU. It was the largest number of people to have voted for anything in our proud history.

But the majority of ‘Hon members’ have been determined to overturn the referendum result, despite repeatedly promising to ‘respect’ it. The electorate is being treated with undisguised contempt. If they get away with it — which they probably will — Britain will have ceased to be a proper democracy.

Any chance of securing a dignified exit from the EU was scuppered on Wednesday night, when MPs voted to take No Deal off the table.

What’s the point of entering any kind of negotiation when your opponents know there’s no chance of you walking away without a deal, no matter how derisory?

About the same as agreeing to pay a £39 billion bill up front, I guess, without knowing what you’re going to get in return. If you’re not prepared to walk away empty-handed, you’re going to get taken to the cleaners.

Curiously, one of the proposers of the No Deal motion was Labour MP Jack Dromey, a former trades union official and husband of Harriet Harman.

Jack used to be a national officer with the TGWU, now Unite. Somehow I can’t ever imagine him going into talks with an employer, on his hands and knees, promising that he’d take whatever pathetic pay rise they decided to offer and guaranteeing there was no danger that his members would go on strike. He’d have been lynched as a class traitor.
Worst of all, May deceived the British public, for which she deserves never to be forgiven. She’s entitled to humiliate herself, but she’s not entitled to humiliate her country.
Meanwhile, Tony Blair, a former Prime Minister, has been encouraging EU leaders to stand firm against Britain.

‘Traitor’ is a highly-charged word, but how else to describe an ex-PM conspiring with foreign powers to thwart the will of his own people?

Ultimately, however, this is about much more than just Brexit. It’s about how we are governed and whether we live in a functioning democracy. Right now, we don’t.

Why bother with a second referendum or, even, a General Election? We’ve had both in the past three years and the politicians have simply ignored promises they made at the time.

The referendum gave a clear instruction to Leave. At the election, 85 per cent of people voted for parties who promised to respect the referendum result.

Yet the overwhelming majority of MPs no longer feel it necessary to honour their manifesto commitments. Once inside the Westminster bubble, they think they can behave as they like, and to blazes with the people who pay their wages.

This isn’t representative government, it’s revolution. Parliament has rebelled against the people.
We need a counter revolution. Military coup?
Why would medical supplies be held up ? Just fast track them at the port, they would know they were expected.
Remoaner scaremongering is EU will force EU businesses to refuse to sell to UK


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