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The main problem is that Parliiament reflects the country in that BREXIT, and the question of Europe in general, do not neatly follow party political lines. However, the party leaders (among others) try to pretend they do. The issue is just too divisive.

I remain convinced that such important decisions as this, with such long-term consequences, should require a two-thirds majority. The middle ground, on which any result depends, is just too fluid and fickle.
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This Week

Andrew Neil reviews the political week with Michael Portillo, Liz Kendall and Miranda Green, plus a film rounding up the highlights from Liam Halligan.
Their guests are Conservative MP Dominic Grieve, presenting the take of the week film, while radio DJ David Rodigan is puts confrontation in the spotlight.
Every opinion voiced by the SNP guy is predicated on Scottish independence. He really is not interesed in anything else.
Has it? As I say I genuinely can’t concentrate on what he’s saying.


I knew what I was voting for. Dave made it quite clear a leave result would mean exiting the EU, the customs union and all the rest of it.



Hello, Blondie! :hump:


Vacuous bint didn't have a clue. What a dozy twat. Don't take an interest in what's going on about you and only interested in Facecnut and twatter then this is what happens.


Liz Kendal should not try to sing, really.

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