Question Time Commentary

Why would medical supplies be held up ? Just fast track them at the port, they would know they were expected.
There has been a lot of talk about Meds recently, and many pharmacists are saying supplies are already being withheld.

The danger imho is that many Meds are only made for a few months each year, so there are always shortages, and it's an easy excuse to blame some shortages on Brexit.
He's right there on food. We've spent too long importing most of it and paying farmers not to grow or breed anything - by EU edict. Madness given the amount of arable land we have.

Or, at least, used to have before Labour opened the door and swelled the population by getting on for eight million and we started carpet bombing the countryside with brick shoeboxes to house them all all the people fleeing the new urban ghettoes.
The SNP lacky's gag about a shiver on the shadow front bench is likely to make me giggle for quite some time :)

Best QT one liner in ages :)

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