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I've just sat and watched a bit of QT and the thing that strikes me most of all is that none of the panel represent me or anyone I know. It's a pity they can't get out of that London and visit the rest of us.
Good point from the bloke in the audience. The people have voted to give power back to our own Politicians, but they are royally fcuking it up and are only demonstrating they are almost as bad as the mediocre shower in Brussels (and occasionally Strasbourg). Politicians- shit in any language!
Did I miss how the snp would deal with the English border
How could the Scottish Govt cut emissions since 1990 when they didn't come into existance until 1998?
I note that the idea that ONLY taxing emmisions would reduce emmisions was rubbish by the other panelists

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Scotland carbon neutral by 2050? Brilliant. That should cancel out all the shit being pushed out by China, India and the USA.
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