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I have to ask, what is the Arab Hamburger game?
Nothing involving the usual Arab preferences for goats and little boys. Its the term used for the typical negotiation techniques they use. They promise a hamburger at the counter but when you pick it up at the window there's no hamburger in the bun meaning you have to go back to the counter and renegotiate. In other words lots of negotiation and promising photo moments but no progress what so ever.
In fact he cited the case of the "comedian" who taught his dog to do a supposed Nazi salute. As distasteful as that was, he reckoned that the prosecution was wrong and that our country is going to suffer the ramifications of that. A precedent has been set, which is how a lot of prosecutions seem to be made. Further to that, more than the prosecutions themselves, who is going to make those judgements that decide what we can and cannot say in public?
iirc Scottish Law is different and precedent not "legal"
Shame remainer Jo Johnson hadn't resigned on Thursday over May's "vassal state" surrender.
McGuiness spouting resources nonsense, the problem is effective use of resources is hampered by political diktats.

A good start - abolish hate crime, race, religion, discrimiation laws and put office twatbook plod back on street

The entire problem is down to Left for generations promoting "rights" and concurrently promoting belief everything is the State's responsibility.

Socialist May has extended this beyond all common sense - she rewrote hate-crime to be "perceived, no evidence required"
Northern Ireland deserves Dianne Abbot.
I'm all for deporting her there. Falls Road or Shankill?
Shankill, she'd hate it more.

Might even be a Clintoneque fatal accident/mugging or suicide.
15/11/2018 - Question Time

David Dimbleby chairs the debate from Milford Haven.

On the panel are business and energy minister Claire Perry MP, (attends Cabinet),
Stephen Kinnock MP, member of parliament's Brexit committee,
Westminster leader for Plaid Cymru Liz Saville Roberts MP,
Mark Serwotka, general secretary of the Public and Commercial Service Union (PCS) and newly elected president of the Trades Union Council,
and Tim Stanley, columnist for the Daily Telegraph.
15/11/2018 - This Week


Andrew Neil reviews the political week with Michael Portillo, Rosena Allin-Khan and Miranda Green.

Plus a film rounding up the headlines from Liam Halligan.

Guests includ historian Dan Snow, looking at Brexit and the difficulties for Theresa May, and Viv Groskop who puts superheroes in the spotlight.
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Both should be interesting on the comments in view that the maybot has lost 2 more Cabinet Members including Dominic Raab the Brexit Secretary... anyone smelling a general election and a Corbynista and McDonnall 'Momentumite' Communist-Marxist Liebor government in the offing soon?
Anne-Marie Trevelyan just gone.

Earlier, Suella Braverman and Shailesh Vara cashed in their chips.
Milford Haven, Pembrokeshire

The panellists are MPs
Claire "nanny state" Perry - Con green loon remoaner
Stephen "trougher" Kinnock - Lab remoaner
Liz Saville Roberts - who? Ah, Pliad remoaner
President of the Trades Union Council Mark Serwotka - :facepalm
Daily Telegraph columnist Tim Stanley - this weeks panellist with an IQ >100

Another balanced, representative panel - not

Real shame BBC uninvited Arron Banks, would have been good to hear him rip a hole in Traitor May

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