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Both MP and CF get on with the Speaker but agree he should go because he has become the object of interest ie it has compromised his position, whether he has any blame or not.
He's also revealed himself to be partisan, a bully and a condoner of bullying by others it seems.
Miserable twat on Brillo's left seems unimpressed by Portillo and Flint getting into the dancing (presumed piss-take). The miserable twat.


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I heard an article today that the men's England cricket team will no longer have a 'man of the match' as it's not gender neutral, this being in a team only open to men.
The way England play not having a MotM is nothing to do with gender! :rolleyes:
Chukkup Yermamma is verbally jerking off on LBC at the moment. What a boring nay-saying pessimistic c**t!
This Week: Alastair Campbell on the People's Vote with Michael Portillo and Caroline Flint

"Over 1m people marched, urging the government - of which you were a central figure* - not to invade Iraq. You ignored them. Why should this government take any notice of 100k Remainers calling for a second referendum?"

Well said, Brillo!

Meanwhile, Dermot Fanning seems to be a bit of a fanny...

* Unelected and unaccountable.
Where's it from tonight? I see the Scottish Nazi Party have wormed their way on again.

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