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Fit: A 7-8 as I reckon she'd go a few rounds. I would without batting an eyelid. She'd probably be hard on the ears given her apparent political leanings.
My worry is if she's mental on leftie luvvie stuff, I bet she's a right head the ball on putting shoes away, not helping with the washing and leaving bloke shite on work surfaces, like keys/wallet and not putting used socks and shreddies in the washing basket or cleaning the sink after a shave.

Brazilian but quite possibly shaven haven in my mind, which would compensate, but an utter headcase and I bet proper shouty as well
If she looks harassed and tired it's because of a stalker. He's back in prison again, although his previous sentence was three years so presumably he was let out early.
yep its a bit difficult for me commenting on ARRSE, what we me having to hide the mobile form the crews, but most of them are ex services so its not too bad. I did say I'd stop the stalking before they sent me down again but they didnt believe me. I cant believe how much things have changed:oops:
Fraser Nelson, a very respectable journo, and Tim Montgomerie, whose words usually have a ring of truth. I haven't seen Brendan O'Neill on any of these things; I wonder if he's unhappy at being a talking head?
balance of remain vs brexit?
Oh, hell. I thought it was about life, the universe and everything other than Brexit. Still, I suppose that Race - the current politico's distraction from reality - can't occupy all of our time this week, or month, or whatever it is we're supposed to apologise for at the moment.
I almost started a thread about this news but luckily, I did a search and found you had already posted this. Tommy Robinson has done those lads no favours at all. If he really did have their interests at heart, he wouldn’t have posted this video. In fact he wouldn’t even have filmed it.

Those lads are new recruits and most likely as non political as you would find among many, if not most of today’s youth. They may have recognised a familiar face and been up for a laugh with someone they think is a popular celebrity but the facts are that whether you like Tommy Robinson’s politics or not, they are controversial.

I hope there aren’t any serious repercussions for those lads other than being given advice to walk away from this kind of situation if it occurs again.

Tommy Robinson knew exactly what he was doing. Those lads didn’t. He should apologise and give an undertaking that he will not in future involve young soldiers or any other branch of the military in attempts to appear to be popular with military personnel and have their support for his politics.
Did you mean to post this in the question time thread rather than one of the TR/inquiry threads.

Just thought I'd ask in case you need to add it elsewhere :)
Oh goodie, we have an SNP lacky on to tell all of us how the SNP know best, that they have a mandate to ask for an independence referendum, that Brexit is bad, that Scots what to control their own lives, plus be in the EU and that the SNP will scupper any Brexit deal they don't like.
Emily Mailtis has a "Brazillian".
I know this because she has had a starring role in several of my w@nks.
Val McD, Forensic crime writer, can advise on various methods of how to vanish a journo from an embassy.
Kezia D, "I'm a politician! Get me out of here!" - Momentum were only too happy to oblige.
Mike R - Independence (from England), Freedom (of movement), Our waters (to give to Europe)
Ross T - Leave campaign, beat SNP MEP, Aberdeen South
Frazer N - Tends to cut through BS
I can't bring myself to watch, fraser or thomson might say something interesting...but for the rest... I could write their scripts now.
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